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New York City is known for its food for sure. It’s also known for its rather expensive prices. Given the high rent and expenses it takes to fully take advantage of the best city on Earth, someone of modest means will always appreciate a cheap eat that’s delicious too. Luckily, New York Magazine recently did a feature on cheap eats all around the city. No matter your particular cuisine of choice, you can certainly find something in your price range. Here are just several ideas that New York Magazine featured.

dining How Mouth Pain Can Hurt Your NYC Dining Experience

Are you a fan of fried chicken, southern-style biscuits, slushies and decadent cupcakes? I know, who isn’t? Well if you go on Ninth Avenue, you can check out Hybrid. As the name would suggest, the restaurant features a wide variety of items from all sorts of cuisines, and they’re all priced affordably. Let’s say you’re a bit more health-conscious or you’re a vegan, and you’re looking for good vegan sushi. Beyond Sushi will deliver, and you won’t have to pay much for it either; most rolls are under $10.

Now these ideas are all well and good, but what about those people who are suffering from mouth pain? If you have some periodontal issue, like jaw stiffness or pain near an impacted tooth, the last thing you want to do is eat, which is not fair, given all of the options you have in the Big Apple. The culprit for all of these issues could be your wisdom teeth. Here are some things to know about this common, but annoying dental issue:

The Cause

Your upper and lower third molars are unlike any teeth that you have, because they often don’t come in until an individual is seventeen or older. They get their name for this. Because most people are high school graduates or on their way to finishing up their degree, it’s assumed that you’re smarter than you were when your other teeth came in a decade earlier.

The Problem

For some people, their wisdom teeth’s arrival ? is a welcome addition, and they don’t incur problems of any kind. However, for many others, wisdom teeth can cause some serious issues. They might come in crooked or partway, causing gum tissue to grow over them. This is problematic as food can get stuck, causing an infection. Also, they could become impacted if the jaw is smaller.

The Solution

If you are experiencing these problems or any pain whatsoever, the most important thing to do is consult your dentist. Just sitting around and hoping that the pain will go away naturally will do you no good. Your dentist will be able to diagnose wisdom teeth issues and refer you to a specialist. There are many oral surgeons who specialize in wisdom teeth removal in Staten Island or NYC, and wisdom teeth removal is highly safe. Plus, you’ll get all the ice cream you want.

There’s no question that NYC offers so many dining options, but if you are experiencing dental issues, it could be more of a tease than anything else. Visiting a dentist and seeing whether or not you need to consider wisdom teeth removal is the smart option to get back to the dining room.

About Author : By Mark Greenfield, a Ohio-raised turn NYC resident looking to spread the knowledge he has gained over the past two years with both new residents and city visitors.
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