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Eating Disorder – Victoria’s Secret model, Kylie Bisutti, gave up the seemingly glamorous life as an international sign of beauty to pursue a more Christian lifestyle.

Kylie chronicles the dark side of modeling in her new, tell-all book called I’m No Angel, coming out this month. The pressure she felt to stay thin and to look a certain way all the time was taking its toll on Kylie, and she was no longer willing to do what her agents and employers were demanding from her.

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Although she did have an eating disorder when she entered the world of professional modeling, Kylie tells the story of the diets she endured to stay bookable. When she did an interview with the New York Post, Kylie talked about constantly working to lose those last couple inches that her agent said would get her work, even when she herself did not see there was any weight to lose.

Kylie says she was only eating oatmeal, fruits, and vegetables at one point, but that still wasn’t giving her the results she needed, so she further restricted to just pineapple, watermelon, and water. During this time she was also working out 6 six days a week for two hours at a time.

Unhealthy. Symptoms of an eating disorder.

Kylie was ready to get out of the world that forced her to live this way. Her Christian values and beliefs outweighed the limelight. Being a Victoria’s Secret model was a goal of Kylie’s, but once she had it and learned the reality of it, she could no longer have both Christianity and an eating disorder at the same time.

Kylie hasn’t stopped modeling completely though, she appeared with Jennifer Lopez in ads for Kohl’s and she posed for FHM magazine. It seems though, that she is doing it her way and without destructive, well-obsessed habits.

Kylie recognized the harm she was doing to herself, but sadly not a lot of people with an eating disorder can do that for themselves. When your brain chemistry changed and you have trained your body to get used to certain patterns, it can be extremely difficult to stop starving yourself or bingeing and purging in an effort to maintain a certain weight, or reach a certain goal weight.

During her New York Post interview, Kylie also shared the story of one roommate who was, “so bulimic she would involuntarily throw up when she ate. She would go to sleep crying every night and just look at herself in the mirror thinking that she was so fat. And she was so thin.”

Unfortunately this scenario is not uncommon among models, and anyone who is engaged in an active eating disorder.

Kylie channeled her focus into her faith. Christianity helped her make the changes and do the hard work to recover from her eating disorder. Fans of hers, who are also Christian, have expressed gratitude and admiration for Kylie’s choices, and her courage to speak out and tell her truth. Hopefully her story helps young girls who look up to her, and young boys, who are experiencing the early symptoms of an eating disorder.

About the Author: Jonathan Abramson is the communications directo of Rebecca’s House, a premiere eating disorder treatment center. Rebecca’s House helps individuals treat eating disorders and explores alternative methods like Christian eating disorder treatment


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