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I don’t usually pay exaggerated attention to my appearance not until I saw my reflection when I went past the glass door at the office the other day. It was then that I understood why no one ever dated me let alone asked for my number. Right there in front of me was a woman who looked like a bloated whale that got out of the ocean. So this is what I’ve become after all those useless years of binge eating. I am fat and I am nowhere near cute. As a matter of fact I look hideous.

No offense to those who adore their blubber and all but I think having jiggly thighs and a flabby belly is unsightly and it makes you insecure especially if you work with women who looked good in their snug corporate attires.

It took a few days for me to get my act together as I was used to living the comfortable life of a fatty. But as soon as I started to clean up my mess I was soaring and there was no stopping me. So let me share with you how I managed to lose ten pounds over the span of sixty days. There was no liposuction or any kind of surgery involved just pure discipline in working out.

I started to invest in a sturdy pair of Nike’s to keep me motivated. I also purchased new work-out ensembles to make me feel confident. Every day I looked forward to wearing my breathable and flexible spandex which of course comes in seven different colors, one for each day. Aside from that I visited my dad’s basement to look for his dumbbells, cleaned it and applied just about enough cleaning agent to get rid of the dust and rust. When I was all set I marked my calendar fitness day one and began my journey to losing weight.

Since I didn’t have a lot of time in my hands I decided to enroll at the gym near my house. If you go by foot you’ll get there in 20 minutes more or less. I don’t drive my car to get to the gym, I run. And even before I started lifting weights or running wild on the treadmill I have already shed a few calories just by doing cardio to get to the gym. See how easy that is?

And then my trainer did an overall assessment and gave me a personalized program to help me lose weight. I spent a lot of time doing cardio and when I finally got the hang of it I took a break from the gym and exercised on my own. I wake up at five thirty in the morning every day to jog around the village and this usually lasts to about an hour. Every week I extend my jog time to another hour. After that I do several jumping jacks before jumping into my fruit and wheat grain cereal with skimmed milk breakfast. The rest of the meals I have left for the day are all portion-size controlled. I limit my carbohydrate, sugar and fat intake in all my meals, snacks included. I am also taking Tongkat Ali extract. A friend of mine who lost weight said that this helped her shed off excess pounds.

And at work I don’t take the elevator, I climb the stairs. And during lunch time I avoid the cafeteria and just take out the brown paper bag I prepared earlier in the day and devour my steamed chicken sandwich alternating it with a green salad without dressing, and a cup of tea. I did all these for sixty days straight without letting distractions get in the way. I didn’t realize how much weight I’ve lost until I stepped on the weighing scale and saw the ten pound drop from two months before. So this is my secret that I would like to share to you guys. I hope in some I have inspired you to put fitness as a priority because with it comes everything else. And oh, I got myself a boyfriend after that.


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