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There are a lot of possible causes for incontinence and these can be split into sections – urge, stress, overflow, and total incontinence. One of the reasons why urge incontinence could be caused is a urinary tract infection, whereas stress incontinence can come from damage sustained due to childbirth. Overflow incontinence can be triggered by specific medication and total incontinence can be as a result of a bladder problem that you were born with. These are merely one possible cause for each category of incontinence and there are certainly a whole host of alternative reasons why each may occur. One of the other conditions often related to incontinence is dementia, although this is not the case with all dementia sufferers. If you are caring for someone who is going through this then you can make a difference in a lot of possible ways, including how you help to minimise the risk of mishaps.

incontinence How Can You Help People Deal With Incontinence?

At night time : Help People Deal With Incontinence

All kinds of people require the use of the bathroom on some occasions during the night but if someone is suffering from incontinence, or incontinence as a result of dementia, then it is a very good idea to discourage them from drinking fluids in the couple of hours or so leading up to when they go to bed.

Adapt the bathroom : Help People Deal With Incontinence

Dementia sufferers can have problems with finding their way around the bathroom so a good tip is to change the colour of the toilet seat so they can easily differentiate. Also consider having handrails installed and clearing all possible obstructions that could cause problems when they use the bathroom. Visual cues such as signs on the bathroom door to make it clear that the toilet is in this room are also helpful.


For all people who have incontinence it is possible that things can be made considerably easier by switching the type of clothing that they wear. When you have this problem it is far easier to have Velcro as opposed to zips for example. If you are caring for someone with incontinence try to ensure that they are not wearing any clothing that will be a struggle for them to remove when they need to use the toilet.
Lessening the impact
Preventative measures may not always work so you can help the situation via the use of incontinence pads. In terms of the bedding you may well want to make it waterproof or you could buy undersheets that are designed to help.

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