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There is some evidence to show that anti-oxidants can be beneficial to the body. There are some types of water that have been found to contain anti-oxidants and therefore are felt to be more beneficial.

How Anti-Oxidants Work

Oxidation is a process that occurs in the body as you age. It is when the molecules in the body lose electrons to electrically charged oxygen particles. These are called free radicals and the damage that they do can actually change the DNA of the cells. This damage can be irreversible if it occurs regularly and this can cause disease.

Oxidation is a natural process. However, it will occur more as we age and therefore a diet rich in anti-oxidants can be beneficial. The body’s natural resources to fight against the oxidative stress become less effective and so it needs some help. It has been thought that a diet rich in anti-oxidants will therefore help.

There are also some things which cause more free radicals in the body. These are smoking, drinking and sunbathing as well as infections, radiation, exposure to toxins and air pollution. Avoiding these things is also a way to help prevent the aging process caused by the free radicals.

What Diseases They Help

The anti-oxidants are thought to help the ageing process in many ways. People may think of ageing as greying of the hair, baldness in men, wrinkles on the skin and things like this. These are certainly effects of ageing, but it is the things that we cannot see that can potentially be more harmful. The age related diseases such as cancer, heart disease, cataracts, macular degeneration, immune problems and cognitive impairment are also caused by ageing. If these can be helped by anti-oxidants then not only might we look less old, but we may also feel younger and have a better state of health as we age.

Sources Of Anti-Oxidants

Anti-oxidants can be found in many things. Examples of these are beta carotene which is found in carrots and can help the eyes and therefore improve overall eye health. Flavonoids in chocolate and tea are good for the heart. Cranberries and apples contain an anti-oxidant that can help the urinary tract. Tomatoes contain lycopene which is good for prostate health. There is also alkaline water, that is said to contain anti-oxidants as well.

There are many different sources of anti-oxidants and this is why it is recommended that people eat a good variety of fruits and vegetables and generally have a varied diet. They are then more likely to inject the necessary anti-oxidants to be able to help them to stay healthy. There is alkaline water that is said to contain anti-oxidants as well. It is very difficult to find out which specific anti-oxidants it contains and so therefore not easy to conclude as to which parts of the body it may help. It may therefore be wise to make sure that you do not rely on just one source of anti-oxidants, but try many different ones in order to make sure that your body gets the complete protection that it needs.

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