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In the UK, high blood pressure affects roughly half of those aged over 65 and 1 in 4 middle aged people.  Although it is one of the most common medical conditions declared when buying travel insurance many people forget to declare their condition or don’t consider they need to because it is controlled by medication.

High Blood Pressure High Blood Pressure: Why Your Travel Insurance Provider Needs To Know

Like all other medical conditions, high blood pressure needs to be declared when you buy travel insurance, otherwise you may not be properly covered.


Travel insurance acts like a private medical insurance whilst you are abroad. It is designed to cover the cost of emergency medical treatment, protecting you from the risk of incurring large medical bills if you fall ill on holiday.

Therefore, in order to be fully covered by your travel insurance, your insurance provider needs to get an accurate picture of the state of your health by asking you to disclose your existing medical conditions. This usually means declaring any medical condition that you have seen a doctor about, received treatment or taken medication for in the last 2 years.

It is important to declare all of your medical conditions when you buy travel insurance, but it is particularly important to declare high blood pressure as, although it may seem a minor condition, it can be a risk factor for many other medical conditions, including strokes and heart attacks.


If you didn’t declare high blood pressure and then suffered a stroke or heart attack on holiday you could find that your travel insurance was invalid and you would be liable for the medical bills yourself.

The average cost of a travel insurance claim for medical treatment after a stroke last year was £22,690 – could you afford that if you weren’t properly insured?

Getting the right travel insurance cover for medical conditions can be a little more expensive than buying the cheapest policy from a price comparison site, but it will mean that you are properly protected against the risk of facing large costs if you do need medical treatment abroad.

Many specialist medical travel insurance providers will cover minor or controlled medical conditions, such as high blood pressure without an increase in the standard premium (but remember, you do still need to declare them).

Medical Conditions was launched in 2010 with the specific aim of providing travel insurance for people with medical conditions. They can cover all types of medical conditions from high blood pressure to heart attacks, stroke and cancer. They provide a 24 hour emergency medical support line so that if you do need medical treatment whilst you’re away help is just a phone call away.

Since 2010 they have provided travel insurance to over 100,000 holidaymakers with medical conditions, enabling them to take the holiday they wanted with the peace of mind that their medical conditions were covered.

The important point to remember is that travelling abroad without proper cover for your medical conditions could leave you in the same situation as going without travel insurance altogether. Spending a few extra pounds before you go on holiday could save you thousands of pounds in medical bills if you do fall ill or have an accident whilst you are away.

About Author : Cormac Reynolds is a writer and a lover of travel. He is in good health and still uses travel insurance. He also loves technology and sports
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