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Binkies are a great soothing remedy for babies when they are young. However, keeping them into early childhood can lead to some implications. Problems can include cavities, crooked teeth and gum recession.


Most parents wonder, when how long should I let my child have their binky? There isn’t really a definitive time when you should have your child stop. Doctors recommend anywhere from 9 to 18 months old. This choice is entirely up to you. You know your child best and you know what is best for them.

However, you need to be careful with your timing. Getting rid of a binky before your child is ready can lead to your child to another habit, such as sucking their thumb, or becoming attached to something else they love.

Giving it Up

There are many different ways to encourage getting your child to get rid of their binky. Taking it away from your child, going cold turkey and putting something bad tasting on it are all ways that can be used. However, some people perceive it a cruel technique. Below are some guidelines on helping your child get rid of theirs.

binky Helping Your Child Get Rid of Their Binky

Binky Fairy

The binky fairy revolves around the same concept as the tooth fairy. You can start one by one putting them under the pillow. In the morning there will be a fun little surprise under your child’s pillow. Your child will look forward to these little treats. Doing this makes giving up binkies a positive situation instead of a disappointing one.

Give It Away

You can be really creative with this one. You can give it to a younger sibling, neighbor, or someone who your child thinks needs it. By giving it away, your child feels like their binkies are going to good use by someone the love.

Use Binkies as Currency

Prepare your child and tell them that they can trade their binkies to buy a new toy. They will be more open to giving away their binkies for something that they choose.

Read Books About it

Reading books about giving up a binky is a good way to show a good example for your child. If their favorite book character was able to give up their binky, then they might find it easier to give it up.

Take it Away Gradually

Start keeping your child’s binkies in one central place, either a basket or bowl in their room. Slowly start taking them away one by one, until there is one left. Odds are they will be less sad and upset about losing one, as opposed to all of the binkies at once.

Lose it

Once your child is nearing the end of their binky stage, gradually start “losing” all of their binkies.

Remember, you know your child best, and what method will work for them. Best of luck in helping your child get rid of their binky!

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