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Volunteering or participating in community activities is good for your mental health; you meet new people, come together for a cause and step outside of your stresses and worries for a while. If you’re aiming to start living a physically healthier lifestyle whether you want to lose weight or get in shape there are numerous activities you can participate in that promote healthy living. Become an active member of the community for your well-being, and wake up each morning knowing you’re living a healthier life and helping others to do so, too.

Earn a Degree

Turn your passion for healthy living into your career. Get an advanced degree in a program related to healthy living, like nutrition or healthcare, to meet people who have similar passions. If you already work in these types of fields, pursue a higher degree such as the RN to BSN degree. The more educated you become, the more ideas you’ll have for giving back to the community by promoting a healthy lifestyle.

And don’t think you have to make time in your busy schedule to attend a school traditionally. Online courses make earning degrees a more flexible experience. Chat with your online classmates and organize events in your community, such as marathons and health fairs. You can use these things to complete course assignments.

Give Health-Related Talks

If you’ve earned an advanced degree or are passionate about health-related topics, volunteer to speak at schools or retirement communities. You don’t have to be an expert to put together an effective presentation on basic healthy living tips, such as healthy food versus junk food or incorporating physical activity into a daily routine. With teachers’ or community workers’ permission, end the talk with a physical activity your audience can participate in. School kids may enjoy a sports game or a dance-off. Retirement community residents could enjoy playing physical Wii games or taking a walk.

Run your talk by the teachers or staff at the retirement community before you begin to make sure you’re covering new ground and not recommending anything not allowed. For example, a child with a banana allergy in school may necessitate that bananas are forbidden on campus, so you don’t want to bring one along.

Participate in Health Fairs

Whenever there’s a health fair in town, volunteer your time and, if you can, your knowledge and money to support the cause. If you have a healthy food to sell, rent a booth. If you’re attending graduate courses, let your classmates know and arrange to rent a booth together to promote a healthy food or athletic activity. Sometimes, health fair coordinators need volunteers to take care of tasks such as directing traffic to the parking lots and selling tickets. However you choose to participate, you’ll be energized by spending the day promoting healthy living.

Join Athletic Events

If you need to incorporate more physical activity into your day, participate in athletic events open to the public. Most cities have running or walking marathons and some hold bicycle marathons as well. If you participate in a marathon to promote disease research that donates the proceeds raised, even better. You’ll get exercise while supporting a worthy health-related cause.

If you’re not at the point where you’re ready to participate in a marathon and for your health and safety, you need to work yourself up to one by running, walking or biking every day weeks in advance volunteer to help organize the day’s events. You could spend time collecting pledges for participants, marketing the event to get more participants, checking in participants at the event, or passing out water and healthy snacks.

Whether you’re passionate about community service or you’re looking for something to do during your downtime, getting out and involved in the community is a great option. As explains, participating in community activities increases social skills, boosts self-confidence and even combats depression. Use the time you spend in the community to spread your passion for healthy living.

About the Author: Joe Reynolds is a volunteer coordinator for a nonprofit agency.

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