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Your teeth are here to stay for as long as you can keep them. There are lots of foods and beverages you can substitute into your daily lifestyle that are just as beneficial as brushing or flossing, and of course there are many foods that you should stay away from.

Green Tea Healthy Foods for your Teeth

Here is a list of the best healthy foods and drinks for your teeth.

Foods that are rich in protein such as chicken, beef, and eggs are very beneficial to your teeth because they contain phosphorus which combines with calcium and Vitamin D to create strong and healthy teeth.

Sesame seeds
Unlikely candidate to make a difference in your teeth but they really do. Eating a sesame seed bun or dinner roll actually helps to dissolve plaque and promotes enamel.

Not only is celery a healthy, sugar-free and fat-free snack, but celery massages your gums. It cleans your teeth when you eat it raw and can reach crevices in your teeth that most other foods can’t.

Green Tea
All sugarless teas are good for you but green teas contain the most antioxidants that prevent plaque buildup. It also works to give you fresh breath and reduce your risk of cavities.

They are certainly not a big promoter of fresh breath, but onions contain sulfur compounds that can act as a powerful antibacterial. Raw onions are better as they have the freshest source of the antibacterial before it can be cooked down. Just sip some green tea afterwards to freshen up.

Dairy Products
Most dairy products like milk and yogurt have low levels of acidity but are rich in calcium. This is a good source for healthy bones and teeth. These foods also make it hard for teeth to decay.

Now that you’ve seen what you could be eating and drinking to promote healthy teeth it is important that you don’t forget the basics of brushing and flossing every day. These foods are not to substitute dental care, but to replace some other less healthy options like sugary sodas and potato chips.

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