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Well, it is not about Tom Roth and his work, The Five Essential Elements. It is all about general well being of a person in the wake of the truth that today we have an ever increasing number of obese, diabetic and heart disease sufferers in any country of the world. The recent researches have shown that around 75% of all adults fall in the category of overweight or obese.

The five health essentials we are talking about are a vital need for a healthy life. Each of these essentials works in such a way to keep our bodies and mind functioning to their highest level. A kind of synergy between all these essentials is necessary for the proper functioning of the human body and mind.

We simple call them five big Ms. Let us have a look on these five Ms to learn about their role in human wellbeing.

1. Maximized Mind

A maximized mind is one that has the ability to manage time and stress and keeps your social relations live and vibrant and gives you adequate sleep. Management of time, stress and sleep give help you in improving your negative attitude towards life, health (fight against many diseases). A maximized mind is essential for adopting any health lifestyle routine.

2. Maximized Nervous System

Our nervous system is the life supply of all the cells, tissues and organs in our body. Nervous system is responsible for all functioning and healing of our body. A weaker nervous system is result of physical, emotional and chemical stress. Our overall health and well being depends on the proper functioning of our central nervous system. A health spinal cord and strong nervous system is only second to mind in five health essentials.

3. Maximized Nutrition

What we gulp down reflects in our health. Food is the fuel of our body that is necessary to perform daily routines. A food that is high in carbohydrates, low in omega-3 nutrients cause negative effect on your body. The imbalance diet results in the shape of depression, occasional dizziness, stress and fatigue. We should remember that food we take fuels hundreds of thousands of cells in our bodies. The proper working of these cells determines our heart beat, oxygen intake and our digestive power. It also helps in performing other complex body processes. For your well being, maximize the quality of nutrients that you consume.

4. Maximized Oxygen

Oxygen is life for human beings and best way of having large amount of oxygen is movement and movement means exercise. Exercise is the only way of getting higher level of oxygen in muscles that keeps your muscles lean and flexible. Remember lean and flexible muscles keep your body healthy and sound. Regular exercise works as antidepressant and helps you in getting rid of those extra pounds around your waist or hips.

5. Minimized Toxins

Our environment is surrounded by toxins and chemicals. Our daily intakes of refined foods, medicines and our makeup kits all have toxins and chemicals in them. These toxins and chemicals affect our bodies in negative way. By ignoring these toxins that build up into your body you are willingly giving way to diseases proving that you believe in so called slogan of providing and not preventing.

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