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If you are looking for a dentist in the city of Plymouth offering patients the highest quality and attention then look no further than Hartley Dental.

Hartley have a team of specialists who are committed to training and development. They also attend dedicated training days. Charles Fox, a Dental Surgeon who brought the practice in 2003 is involved with postgraduate training to improve and update his knowledge, bringing the latest techniques to the practice.

When welcoming new patients one of the team will provide 30 Minute Initial patient consultations, including a 16 point health Check which involves x-rays and photographs. Once this is completed you will be given feedback and a written report.

This is what the 16 point health Check involves:

1. Ask you how healthy you feel your mouth is 9. Measure plaque and tartar
2. Ask you are you having any problems 10. Assess the health of your teeth
3. Ask you to fill in an up to date medical and dental questionnaire 11. Assess the health, stability and appearance of restorations
4. Ask you about your lifestyle alcohol, smoking, diet and fitness 12. Oral cancer check
5. Ask you how you feel about the appearance of your teeth 13. Assess the health and stability of your bite, jaw joints and muscles
6. Assess the health of your tongue, lips, cheeks and throat 14. Assess the health of your glands, lymph nodes and facial tissues
7. Assess the health of your gum margins 15. Discuss your oral hygiene habits
8. Examine your gum attachment and bone support 16. Discuss general appearance, including smile check and aesthetics

The team offer a range of services that include; General surgery, Cosmetic Surgery and Dental implants.

If you are feeling any discomfort or are in pain and worried that something might be wrong why not come along, have an exam and know for sure this could save you time, money and further discomfort.

A full range of services include:

  • Hartley Welcome Initial patient consultation, a 30 minute appointment with 17 point health check, including x-rays.
  • Oral Well Being Mouth cancer screening, Fresh Breath, Oral Detox.
  • Guidance Smoking cessation, dietary advice, pregnancy and mouth care, children’s mouth care, diabetes mouth care information, dry mouth advice
  • Protection Mouth guards, replacement orthodontic retainers, insurance plans.

Hartley Dental in Plymouth also has its own online shop where you can purchase all the latest dental products at

You can contact Hartley Dental on 01392 272350 to find out more about the centre, the team and the services available. The team are happy to welcome new and exiting patients to pop along for a coffee, tour and a chat.

Parking is available by the practice and it is easily accessible for all.

113 Mannamead Road
Plymouth, Devon

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