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Do you find it difficult to fit appointments into your schedule during week days? If the answer is yes then leading Cosmetic surgery Grandsmile Designs are now offering Saturday morning appointments.

Based in the heart of Surrey this private practice not only provide day-to-day dental treatments for all the family but also provide dental implants, cosmetic dentistry and the latest invisible and quick orthodontic brace treatments in Surrey. People from all over the UK, not just from Surrey, travel to the Grandsmile Designs for good quality dental treatment

Grand Smile Designs provide cosmetic dental treatments in Surrey which are usually provided for Crooked or uneven teeth, Gaps between teeth, Discoloured teeth, Chipped teeth with old fillings and Worn down teeth.

Cosmetic treatment also known as A Smile Makeover’ starts with an assessment on how to achieve that natural smile. Factors such as face shape, tooth colour and tooth size are also considered when making this assessment.

Plaster models of your teeth are created and models are sent to a dental technician who sculpts the plaster teeth using tooth coloured waxes.

A model ismade up for cosmetic dentistry treatments as it gives the dentist and patient an idea of what the final smile will look like, the parameters of treatment and whether any gum sculpting needs to take place.

When both patient and dentist are happy, an impression of the diagnostic model is used to create a trial smile which fits over your prepared teeth when the crowns and veneers are being made by the dental technician. This is used as a temporary restoration and is used for making adjustments prior to completion.

The Practice provides state-of-the-art natural-look dental veneers and dental crowns that are constructed from the latest materials.

Grandsmile Designs offer the following payment benefits and discounts to patients

Full payment in advance will attract a 5% discount on the whole fee.

Discounted fees for members.

Spreading the cost over 18 months on interest bearing credit.

Pay as you go in staged payments during the course of your treatment.

The staff are happy to provide you with information to help you make a decision on the treatments that are best suited to you.Call 020 8642 0355 to find out more.

Opening Hours

Now open Saturday Mornings

Monday to Thursday – 8am – 5.30pm
Friday – 8am – 3.00pm
Saturday – 9am – 2pm

Cedar Dental – Grand Smile Designs
1 Cedar Road,
Sutton, Surrey

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