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Looking to improve your par? Tired of losing to a hateful polo-wearing rival? Before you hit the course again, consider these six tips for improving your golf game.
1: Identify Your Weaknesses

Keep a record of your games, including statistics on fairway hits, total putts, et cetera. Then figure out where you’re going wrong.

2: Adjust Your Alignment

According to experts, at least a third of golfers have bad alignments when setting up their swings, and many of them don’t even realize it. Play around with yours and see if you can’t find a new position that affords you a more powerful or accurate drive.

3: Buy A New Putter

It all goes wrong on the green, doesn’t it? If you’re having trouble sinking your shots, consider switching to square golf putters, like the kind available from Cleveland Golf.

4: Establish Routines

Muscle memory is a key component in the success of many athletes. It’s the same for golfers: The great players don’t even think about the position of their legs or the rotation of their torso, they just set up their stances instinctively, from long hours of practice and pre-swing habits and rituals.

5: Invest in Quality Gear

Poorly-made gear can be a real distraction on the course. Go ahead and splurge on well-crafted equipment so you won’t be the chump saying “My gloves caused my bogey!”

6: Put In The Hours

Conventional wisdom says it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert of something. You may not have that much time for golf, but every afternoon definitely brings you one step closer.

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