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Rhinoplasty (getting a nose job) gets a bad reputation in general society. People think of vane starlets getting their noses done to look better. In fact, the majority of nose jobs are not done out of vanity, but to help with medical problems. There is no reason to feel strange about getting a nose job if you have been victim to the negative stereotypes surrounding the procedure.

getting a nose job Getting Rhinoplasty Is Not Always About Vanity

If you have been suffering from an abnormal formation, a broken nose or poor breathing, rhinoplasty is the right choice.

How Abnormal Formation Affects You

One of the difficulties rhinoplasty patients face in life is a nose that did not form properly. Bumps, hooks or lumpy noses can be a source of ridicule from other people. It is just a fact of life that some people are rather cruel to those that look different. Though this is of no fault of your own, you are sure to not want to be made fun of.

Having an abnormally shaped nose corrected, is not a matter of vanity, but a way to assist you with simply being able to enjoy a life free of ridicule. You can be accepted for who you are rather than being judged by something you had no control over.

Getting Over a Broken Nose

Broken noses can occur more often than you might realize. Not everyone who gets a broken nose did so because of a bar fight. Car accidents are also responsible for broken noses. There are even individuals who have weak noses that will break simply from too much pressure being placed on them while sleeping.

Regardless of how the broken nose occurs, the nose will need to be set properly in order to heal properly. If a nose is not set properly, it can cause pain, discomfort and swelling that will not go away with time. These symptoms will actually worsen as time goes on. A simply trip to a nose specialist will help you to alleviate the symptoms you are feeling now and prevent any issues in the future.

Making Breathing Easier

Deviated septum and other nasal issues can create breathing issues. Not only can these cause you to talk funny, but they can create life threatening problems. Those who have a deviated septum may face severe snoring in their life. This creates a danger far worse than just making it difficult on everyone around you to sleep at night. There is actually the fear of death if you are not getting the right amount of air into your lungs as you are sleeping.

The other breathing issue you are facing is simply not getting the right amount of air into your lungs as you are active. This can cause you to be short of breath even as you are only slightly active. You are limited in the amount of air you can take in, causing you to want to reduce physical activity.

Correcting Problems through Rhinoplasty

As you can see, there are issues beyond mere vanity to lead people towards getting a nose job. The right specialist will be able to assist you in alleviating these problems and so much more. Keep in mind that these problems will not correct themselves. In fact, most will just get worse with time if they are not corrected.

Nose jobs are not covered by insurance unless there is a risk to your health, but the cost is well worth it in these cases. After all, you deserve to live your life without ridicule, with proper sleep, and without constant nose bleeds. The surgery is uncomplicated and you will recover in a very short period of time.

About Author : Dr. Michael Barakateis a pediatric and adult otolaryngologist located in Sydney, Australia offering rhinoplasty procedures at
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