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Oftentimes, we work out as hard as we think we can, pushing our bodies to the limit in order to get the body we’ve always dreamed of. For those that have a fairly steady and what seems like an effective workout routine, maybe supplementation is a good option.

Supplements 300x220 Get Ripped! 5 Supplements To Help You Look Great This SummerThe key is to help the body restore its energy and to build lean muscle after a hard workout. That’s what supplements will help you do. While most supplements work well for most people, not all supplements are effective for everyone. It may seem like a lengthy process to do a trial and error test, but in the end your body will thank you when you’ve increased your muscle mass. Here are 5 supplements that generally work for everyone – try them out and see if you get the results you’re looking for.


Approximately 95 percent of the body’s Creatine supply can be found around the skeletal muscle tissue, as this is a naturally occurring substance in our bodies. The other 5 percent is stored in other parts of the body. The reason manufactured Creatine works so well is because it is used for cellular energy modulation and production.

Essentially, what you get when you use Creatine is an increase in high intensity muscle performance, glycogen synthesis, and muscle cell volume. Moreover, you have a faster post-workout recovery and promotion of lean muscle tissue. Plus, it’s easy to stop taking since Creatine is naturally produced.

Beta Alanine

Foods like chicken and turkey, which are rich in protein, usually carry the non-essential amino acid Beta Alanine, and this is how it enters the body. The reason Beta Alanine is so useful is because it can increase carnosine in the body. Carnosine muscle levels increase dramatically with this supplement.

What happens when you work out, especially during particularly tough workout days, is that a lot of hydrogen is accumulated in our bodies, which then results in dropped pH levels. All of this can lead to muscle failure. To stave off this drop in pH, you have to increase carnosine levels – the best way to do this is through Beta Alanine.

Testosterone Booster

The body begins to produce less testosterone after the age of 25, which means slower muscle building. By taking a testosterone booster, you increase the amount of testosterone in your body, and thus kick your muscles into high gear again. As a result, you’ll have higher stamina, strength, and see an increase in overall level of intensity.

Whey Protein

Everyone has already heard this, and plenty of people have been adding whey protein to just about every shake and drink possible. Whey protein helps improve lean muscle and overall performance. But you not only get a high dosage of protein, you also get magnesium, calcium, and other minerals in an easily digestible form.

The fact is that whey protein is easily digested, lactose intolerant, improves muscle repair, suppresses the appetite, improves the metabolism, and provides essential amino acids. In the end, you’ll be bigger and healthier just by taking a supplement that is oftentimes tasty.


Intensive exercise can cause a lot of muscle tissue breakdown. Glutamine actually helps slow this process, and as a result, you get elevated endurance and improved strength thresholds. Moreover, you can train more often and lift heavier weights for much longer. After all, the point of bodybuilding is to push the limits of your muscles, and that’s precisely what glutamine does.

About the Author: Darren McAdams is a writer for Violent Hero Powerlifting and is a professional bodybuilder.
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