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With rumours that summer is finally on its way, the hot and sunny weather provides the perfect climate for you to rethink your workout schedule by getting active outdoors. There are a number of benefits to exercising outdoors such as helping you lose weight, upping your vitamin D count and generally boosting your overall happiness and wellbeing – so what are you waiting for? Get active and lose weight this summertime with a few of our favourite ways to exercise in the great outdoors

Low Calorie Diet

The best way to lose weight is to combine a Low Calorie Diet with daily aerobic exercise, swimming, cycling and running being great examples. Choose a diet that suits your taste and your lifestyle. The All About Weight meal replacement diet is based around replacing one or two meals daily with calorie-reduced products like soups and nutrition bars. The diet plans range from between 400 to 1500 calories per day. Companies like Slimming World and Weight Watchers also offer their own diet plans to subscribers.  

Grab your Bike

One of the most popular outdoor pastimes is cycling. Whether you choose to simply cycle down to your corner shop or fancy taking on scenic cycle rides past coastlines or through leafy forests, off road biking on one of the range of men’s mountain bikes from not only gives you the chance to enjoy everything the great outdoors has to offer but is also great for burning those calories.  

Challenge yourself 

If you really want to motivate yourself towards your fitness goals this summer, and shrink your waistline in the process, why not sign yourself up to a local 5K, 10K or half marathon run. There are plenty of runs happening up and down the country – running outside is also a refreshing way of tearing yourself away from any tired gym routine while providing you with a new running challenge to work towards. 

Take to the Hills 

What better way to get active while checking out the best of the British landscape than by enjoying a summer hike. From the hilly surfaces of the peak district to the impressive heights of Mt. Snowdon in Wales, mountain walking is a great way to combine fitness with a pleasant day out in the country.  

Splash in to Water Sports 

The warmer weather in summer is ideal for trying out outdoor sports that you haven’t ever done before, one example of this is water sports. From kayaking and windsurfing to swimming ample sized lakes, there are plenty of ways that you boost your fitness levels with water sports while trying out something new!

Core Strength

Your core is basically everything except your arms and legs, so having a strong one is going to help with all your activities, including cycling. Building a strong core involves working out your abs, obliques, and even neck, so your body has a solid foundation for all the things you put it through.  Fitness experts by the thousands have prescribed exercises for acquiring a strong core, and these exercises include simple moves like planks and crunches.  You should choose the combination that works best for you but stick to a regular workout plan.

Helen McArthur is a part time freelance writer. She worked as a nurse for several years before she turned into professional writer. 

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