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When it comes to weight loss the most difficult parts are makings sure to eat correctly and of course sticking to some sort of fitness program that will shed the fat and make you stronger. The key is to find an activity that you enjoy doing a few times per week so that you will actually looking forward to participating. We know that visiting the gym can be tedious so here are a few ways that you can get your fitness activity in doing something you enjoy.

benefit of running Four Hobbies that are Great for Getting Fit

Walking– Walking is a great low impact way to burn a few calories. While it is likely not going to turn you into a cardio machine there are some benefits such as increasing leg strength and of course burning calories. A person weighing 120 pounds at 2 miles per hour will burn roughly 65 calories per mile. A 180 pound person walking 4 miles per hour will burn roughly 100 calories per hour. As you can see the more you weigh and the faster you walk the more calories you will burn. The advantage of walking is that it is a low stress workout and if you have good weather and nice surroundings it can be a very pleasant fitness activity. Also read the benefits of running

Jogging– Just like walking you can take advantage of great weather and beautiful surroundings by taking up jogging. In fact many people who start a fitness routine by walking eventually take up jogging as they get stronger. Jogging is a little more intense and the calories burned prove it. A 180 pound person jogging for just 30 minutes will burn roughly 400 calories! Your thighs and calves could also become stronger and more toned by jogging.

Dancing– The advantage to dancing is that it can be done indoors during all types of weather and it is a social activity. This is a good opportunity to bond with your significant other or even meet new people if you go alone. Anyone who has watched dancing with the stars can attest to the shapely bodies on the show. Many of the guest dancers have lost significant amounts of weight after just one season on the show. Dancing is a great calorie burner too! A 180 pound person doing just 30 minutes of Salsa/Waltz style dancing can burn around 190 calories! You can also expect to improve your agility, coordination and even your core and leg strength if you take up dancing.

Martial Arts– Martial arts come in many varieties. Some are punch/kick styles like karate or tae kwon do, others are grappling oriented like judo or jujitsu and some have more physical contact like kickboxing and mixed martial arts. They all share a couple of traits however. They all teach you how to protect yourself, they all are generally practiced in a comfortable studio and they all also burn calories! Keep in mind that the more physical the style (such as kickboxing, MMA and judo) the more calories will be burned but a 180 pound person doing martial arts for 30 minutes will burn over 350 calories. Another benefit to martial arts training is that typically there will be some strengthening and toning of the muscles as well as some balance benefit.

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