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For People who live with Diabetes

Diabetes is a disease caused when our immune system attacks the insulin producing cells in our bodies. Insulin, an important hormone, also known as glucose, and is necessary for the absorption of blood sugar.

Types of Diabetes

Type 1 diabetes is caused when our insulin producing cells fails to produce insulin, the important hormone that is needed to absorb blood sugar; making it necessary for our bodies to acquire another source for it. For some people insulin injections meet the requirement while others use an insulin pump. Type 2 diabetes is caused when insulin producing cells fail to use insulin properly and this combined with an insulin deficiency can make serious health problems for people living with type 2 diabetes. Gestational diabetes mainly happens in pregnant women, and is usually caused by the placenta. Since 1921 all forms of diabetes has been treatable with medications and managed closely by monitoring with a more suitable diet of foods that can help maintain a good blood sugar level.

diabetes For People Who Live With Diabetes

How To Control Your Diabetes

Quitting smoking, exercising, and changing your diet are good ways to help you control your diabetes. In some cases and some forms of diabetes cure you. Smoking, bad food choices and lack of exercise can accelerate other health problems probably caused by the diabetes. Patient education, understanding and participation are important since the patient is required to manage their own blood sugar levels in order to prevent the health issues and complications that can be caused by diabetes.

Knowing your type of diabetes and its level may encourage you to make the lifestyle changes necessary in controlling your diabetes. The goal for those living with diabetes is controlling your blood sugar levels from rising. If you have recently been diagnosed with diabetes the early weeks and months is an important time for you to gather the education and materials you need to stay one step ahead of your diabetes. Learning how to cope with the health issues of your type of diabetes is an important part of dealing with diabetes.

Diabetes Monitors

A battery powered instrument used to calculate blood glucose with as little as one drop of blood is a glucometer. You can choose one that works best for you. This glucose monitoring system works by testing the blood with a testing strip that is inserted inside the glucose meter itself. The blood obtained from a finger stick is used on the test strip, allowing the glucose meter to determine the amount of glucose in the blood. One important part of wellness for a person with diabetes is the use of a blood glucose monitoring system. New technology in glucometers has made them painless to use and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. The strips are disposable and a new one should be used with every use.

The Canadian Diabetes Association, since 1953, based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, continues to be a world leader in diabetes research, essential for the continued improvement in the lives of people with diabetes. The Canadian Diabetes Association’s mandate is to find opportunities to work with regulatory agencies and to enhance research in Canada and improve the care of people living with diabetes.

About Author : Paul Chai is a health & wellness enthusiast writer with interests around diabetes management and diabetes glucometer.
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