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Fad diet plans are something everyone sees on the Internet or television on practically a daily basis. Most of us can also agree on the fact that we are not huge fans on being patient when it comes to losing weight. However, the thing most people do not realize is that it is nearly impossible to make fad diets work.

So, sit back and enjoy the reading the five primary reasons fad diets do not work.

Inability to Commit
The first issue with fad diets is they are hard to commit to. The plans usually make people give up their favorite foods or at least eat these foods in miniscule amounts as a weekly, not hourly, treat. When a person is not happy with what their options are on any kind of plan, it is very hard to stick with it.

combination of a solid workout plan and a great diet Five Reasons Why Fad Diets Dont Work

Emphasis on Wrong Area
Another issue with fad diets is that they place the emphasis on two areas that are complete misconceptions. First of all, they lead people to believe that their appearance is solely based upon how much they eat. However, the models promoting these diets look the way they do because of a combination of a solid workout plan and a great diet; not just the diet alone. The other issue is that more of an emphasis is placed upon what is being eaten instead of how much of which type of nutrients the dieters are consuming. As long as people are getting enough protein and healthy fats, they do not need to limit their diet to bland-tasting foods.

Metabolism Changes
Metabolism is a tricky process that few have been able to master. When people are yo-yo dieting with these fad dieting plans, it can have a huge impact on their metabolism. Their metabolism rate will essentially be continuously reset, which will make it nearly impossible to lose weight in the future because the body has lost its natural ability to know how to allocate calories.

Body Fueled by Wrong Stuff
Fad diets also cause the body to use the wrong resources for energy. In a healthy body, the calories and fat are burned to create energy. However, when someone is going back and forth from one diet plan to another, or going off diets frequently, their body may actually start using muscle as energy. This is the worst case scenario because there is nothing that looks more unappealing than a person who is losing muscle and gaining fat simultaneously.

Unrealistic Results
Last, but certainly not least, fad diet plans promote unrealistic results. If it takes people several months to gain an undesirable amount of weight, how can a diet portray the image that this weight can be practically lost overnight? The simple answer is that it is impossible, and it is actually pretty tough to consistently lose even a pound or two per week. The fact that people are not willing to wait a year to lose 50 pounds is one of the biggest reasons people do not stick with fad dieting.

While fad dieting sounds like a great idea, it is actually something very few can stick with. These diets promise unrealistic results, and they can hinder the body’s natural weight loss abilities. Instead, people should focus on how much they are eating instead of what they are eating.

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