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In the past decade, arm lifts have increased by over four thousand percent according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. It is a fact that toned looking arms is becoming considered sexier. However, if you are searching the web for ‘arm lift Houston’, you are probably going to see a lot of mixed information and opinion about the procedure itself. Following are five need to know facts about getting an arm lift that will help you make your decision regarding an arm lift much easier.

arm Five Need To Know Facts About Getting An Arm Lift

1. Risks Of Having Arm Lift
First, you have to understand that there can be some risks after surgery. Many things can go wrong and cause you to take much longer to recover than normal. It is normal to not have complete function of the arms for a few weeks and then have to wait another 4-12 weeks for swelling to go down. In addition, there may be a permanent and noticeable scar left over. This of course depends on how much extra skin there is and how well your body heals itself, and the resulting scar is not the same for everyone.

Additional things such as skin discolorations, prolonged swelling, numbness, blood clots, pain, nerve damage, cardiac complications, deep vein thrombosis and sutures that erupt through the skin are all possible risks after an arm lift. These are rare, but there is always a risk to take into considerations.

2. Not Everyone Needs The Same Size Of Incision
An upper arm lift will require incisions on the back or inside of the arms. The incision may reach all the way down to the elbow and as high as the armpit. However, some people may not require the whole upper arm to be done, but rather only the top half, which is refereed to as a minimal incision. If you need the incision to run from the armpit to the elbow, you will be receiving an extended arm lift.

3. Who Qualifies To Get An Arm Lift In Houston?
Anyone who has excessive, sagging skin on his or her arms may qualify to have an arm lift. The key factor for surgery is good health, with no any medical conditions that could increase the risks of surgery. Other considerations may be a positive mind-set about your weight, without risk of gaining the weight back, as well as a positive mind-set that will help you stay positive throughout recovery.

4. Arm Lift Houston – How Much Will It Cost?
There are many different costs combined into an arm lift surgery, and it is important to discuss them all with your surgeon before going ahead with the procedure. In Houston, the cost can vary between surgeons depending on their experience and personal preferences. Many surgeons offer a payment plan to offset the impact of the full cost.

Other factors to consider, besides the surgeon’s cost, is anesthesia fees, post-surgery garments, medication and any medical tests that are necessary. In addition, because you will be required to take at least a week off work, so you need to factor in a loss of income if that is an issue.

5. Benefits Of An Arm Lift
If you suffer from excess skin around your arms, and you are conscious of it, then the benefits of an arm lift will be huge. The simplest things, such as waving, will become less scary to do. It is amazing how much we use are arms every day, and how often they are seen. Toned looking arms can really improve your self-confidence in all kinds of situations.

In the end, when you search for ‘arm lift Houston’, make sure you find a surgeon who explains all of the above five points to in detail. Check out their history and reviews from past people so that you can get a better idea of what your experience and results will be like.

About Author: Kim Jordan – Marketing Publicist for Norris Plastic Surgery.


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