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Fitness, the youth serum, a keystone for anti aging

The secret to staying young is a mix of the right foods, attitudes, lifestyle, supplements and complements, and the right fitness approach. Fitness has been called the youth serum and here are some considerations for you to get the maximum benefits.

Check your beliefs, specifically the one about your genes

Yes, there is a lot of science saying that genes dictate your destiny but there are also a lot of indicators that demonstrate the contrary. And, as always, there are exceptions to every rule. We have a choice. We can believe that our genes are determinant or we can believe that we can actually affect and even change our genes.

Romain Barres, from the Novo Nordisk Foundation Center which does metabolic research says that, “the muscles’ DNA is modified chemically when we’re physically active”.

High intensity and impact

Strength training, specifically, helps stop and reverses the aging process. The natural process is for our bodies to loose muscle mass and bone density as we age, but by incorporating strength training into our lives we can stimulate both. As the saying goes, use it or loose it.

The body is a fantastic resource manager. It sends nutrients and reinforcements to whatever part requires it. The impact from jumping or the tension from weight lifting is the signal the body uses to know where to reinforce.

Keep in mind though, if you haven been inactive for a while, make sure you start slowly and build gradually.

How well can you squat?

We squat every day, to pick up bags, to move a chair, to lift a book from the floor or just to tie our shoes. Learning to squat properly is one of the skills that will keep your back safe, strong and will allow you to lift heavier items. Also, keep in mind that the more we use it the more resources the body sends to those specfic body parts. In this case, it involves the places that affect most people: knees and back.

People tend to say that squatting hurts their knees, that’s because they are not squatting properly or maybe because they don’t do it enough.
If you are not sure about your squat, make it a priority. Look for videos and ask someone to evaluate you, hopefully a trainer and someone that can give you exercises and tips to correct any flaw.

The body and the mind

Adding the mental challenge to your workouts will give you an extra edge. Sports require strategy, planning and coordination. Other disciplines such as martial arts, yoga or dance, use specific sequences that you need to memorize or follow.

Both of these are examples of mental challenges you can incorporate into your fitness. Don’t make it just about the body.

And while we are at it cross the midline

Most of the “mental” workouts typically include movements that cross the midline of the body. They say the left side of the brain controls the right side of he body. Apparently, if you cross the midline of the body, meaning that imaginary line that extend through our nose, neck, belly button and pelvis, you are stimulating different connections within the brain and nervous system. It is a great way to keep the connections fresh facilitating balance and agility.

Do more cardio

Health guidelines differ. The US recommends 150 minutes of cardio per week, but many fitness experts say that 240 minutes (4 hours) are optimal. That is a lot of time.
Keep in mind two things. First, if you are doing a dynamic form of strength training you are raising your heart rate and that’s what matters. Also, in case you don’t have enough time, interval training is a great way to substitute it.

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