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People who want to lose weight at a quicker pace tend to use fat burners. For those of you out there who don’t know what fat burners are, they are basically weight loss supplements that are bought by the fat and obese people. Fat burners are known to enhance metabolism, increase energy level and control the appetite.

Do Fat Burners Really Help You Shed Weight?

A lot of people think that their weight will be reduced just by eating these pills. However, fat burners best work with a proper diet and exercise plan. Fat burners improve your metabolic rate but this doesn’t mean that you will get slim just by sitting and eating these pills. These pills work best with a proper diet and exercise plan. You should exercise at least 5 times a week and take these pills as supplements. The following are some of the most popular types of fat burners.

Thermogenic Fat Burners

In simple terms, thermogenic fat burners help you reduce weight by increasing your heart rate and body temperature. This improves your metabolic rate. An improved metabolic rate means that your body burn calories at a much quicker rate. Themogenic fat burners help to convert calories into energy.

Topical Fat Burners

Topical fat burners are basically lotions and creams that are applied on the body. You must know how to apply a topical fat burner and which area of the body it should be applied on. Before applying topical fat burners on your body, make sure that the area on which you want to apply the fat burner lotion is clean. You can apply topical fat burners on your tummy, thigh or any other area that has excessive weight. Make sure that you rub the cream properly till the time it dissolves. On the other hand, I am still not sure about the practicality of this product. The manufactures of topical fat burners claim that their products are very effective and help to lose weight.

Green Tea Fat Burners

We have heard a lot of stories regarding green tea and its benefits. People who are looking to shed some extra pounds should try having green tea. Green tea is a very healthy product and several studies suggest that it can help to reduce weight. Green tea contains antioxidants and caffeine thus making it a good fat burner.

Ripped Fuel Fat Burner

Ripped Fuel Fat Burners combine aspirin with caffeine and ephedrine to help the body lose weight. Several researchers have provided that this combination can assist in losing weight.

Liquid Fat Burners

Compared to other types of fat burners, liquid fat burners absorb in your body at a much faster pace. Furthermore, these fat burners also give a boost of energy that lasts for up to several hours. After consuming liquid fat burners a person might feel strong and energetic.


The bottom line is that fat burners will help you reduce weight only if you exercise regularly and take proper diet. Keep in mind that just rubbing fat burner lotion on your body or eating fat burner pills won’t reduce your weight. A proper diet plan and exercise plan is compulsory.

If you are a busy professional who doesn’t have time to exercise daily then at least do it 3 times a week. On the other hand, you can also go to gym or play a sport you like. Fat burners work best with a proper combination of diet and exercise. Don’t waste your money on fat burners if you can’t take out time for exercise.

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