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Everybody who works in an office knows about the dangers of carpel tunnel syndrome and other potential repetitive stress injuries. Human resource representatives and office posters make sure you know exactly how to deal with these issues. However, some other office-related health problems don’t get as much attention, but can be just as harmful.

Eye Health Eye Health In The Office

Eyestrain from looking at a computer screen for too long can make your eyes hurt daily and can cause long-term vision problems. To help prevent your eyes from overworking themselves, try following these few tips.

Take a break.

This one may be pretty obvious, but make sure you aren’t looking at nothing but a screen for hours on end. Take a break that involves getting away from the glowing rectangle in front of you. Get into some good light and do something that won’t require you to strain your eyes. A walk outside is a great way to rest your peepers as well as get some blood moving in your legs.

Have a well-lit workstation.

Poor lighting can be a major cause of eyestrain – both when dealing with computers as well as reading on paper. Make sure that your desk is well lit and you don’t have to focus on an overly bright computer screen. Even with a well-lit workstation, feel free to turn the brightness down on your monitor so it’s not as bright as it can go.

Get glasses.

If you are struggling to see and have to strain to make out words on the screen, it might be time to get some glasses or update your existing prescription. A quick visit to the eye doctor can rectify this problem and ensure that your eyes aren’t working harder than they have to. If vision isn’t covered under your insurance or you don’t have time to make an appointment, basic reading glasses can be found in drugstores a lot of the time. While these aren’t a perfect fix, they can help you read small fonts without the normal straining.

If you have fine vision, you can also purchase special glasses for dealing with computer monitors. These typically have tented lenses that will help reduce the brightness from your screen and ease the workload on your eyes.

Get a good supplement.

If you still have eye pain or the previous tips don’t appeal to you, consider taking the fight to a chemical level. Online retailers and drugstores sell great supplements for your eyes to help ensure good eye health. Your eyes require a large number of vitamins and minerals to work effectively and healthily, so to make sure you are getting all of them, a supplement can be a great choice. These are normally all natural and won’t cause dependency or any wild side effects. They are simply a capsule designed to give your body – or in this case, eyes – exactly what they need.

While eye health isn’t as widely promoted as other office health topics, it is very important. After all, you get one set of eyes your entire life, so take care of them!

About Author : Tristan knows how important it is to take care of his eyesight, especially considering the fact that he looks at a computer screen all day. For help, he turns to the above tips, including using supplements from sources like He finds these supplements to be especially helpful in maintaining the health of his eyes
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