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There are a few exercise mistakes you want to avoid if you want to burn fat and get lean and strong in less time.

1. Don’t do isolated exercises. These include bicep curls or tricep kick-backs. You will not experience positive results because these exercises do not stimulate enough muscle fibers to build lean muscle. These exercises do not expend enough energy for you to maximize calorie burn.

2. Do not use fancy exercise machines to help you exercise because these types of machines alter the way your body moves naturally. They also restrict your range of motion. Limiting your ability to exercise all muscles will also limit your ability to burn fat. Exercise machine can also put strain on joints and cause injuries.

Think of exercises that will allow you to move with a full range of motion. These exercises help to increase metabolism and tone your physique.

3. Don’t do cardio exercises that take a long amount of time. It will just take a lot more effort to get such little results.

4. Don’t do crunches and sit-ups thinking you will get the perfect abs. These exercises will just waste your time and will not give you the results you are looking for, plus they do not burn fat.

5. Never repeat the same exercises or workouts over and over again. To keep making progress, you have to try different things. Repeating exercises will cause your body to adapt quickly. Change workout routines to keep your results accelerating.

6. Don’t do extra long workout because they will not provide you faster results.

Did you know that short interval training can help you burn those calories up to 48 hours after your workout? That means you will still be burning calories while you sleep. Low intensity cardio activity will only burn calories while you are performing the activity.

The only exercise equipment you will ever need to use to keep your body in shape are a set of dumbells because free weights are better for functional exercises and they allow you to move through full range of motion. A pullup bar abd a barbell are the others.

It will only take about three weeks for your body to adapt to an exercise routine. This is the reason why you need to challenge your body in order to maintain your lean muscle. Changing your workout schedule every three weeks is wise. By maintaining lean muscle you will be keeing your body strong and balanced. Being fit can make you look good and feel good.

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