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In a recent article by MSN Healthy Living, people with type 2 diabetes can just make exercising a part of their daily routine to sustain a healthy lifestyle. Even with little changes to their diet and other daily routines, type 2 diabetes can be kept at bay for as long as a regular exercise routine is maintained.

As reported by Robert Preidt in HealthDay News and as quoted by MSN, Dutch researchers conducted MRI exams of 12 patients with diabetes before and after they did six months of moderate-intensity exercise.? The participants, whose ages were averaged at 46, adopted an exercise regimen of two endurance and two resistance training sessions. They did the sessions weekly for three and half to six hours each week.

To conclude the six month training program, the participants went on a 12-day trekking adventure. The study was published by online health resource site, Radiology.

There were no changes in the participants’ heart function at the end of the exercise program,? MSN writes.

They did, however, have considerable reductions in the amount of fat in the abdomen, liver and around the heart. Fat accumulation on those organs and body parts has been revealed to be related with increased risk of heart disease.
“In the present study, we observed that the second layer of fat around the heart — the pericardial fat — behaved similarly in response to exercise training as intra-abdominal, or visceral fat. The fat content in the liver also decreased substantially after exercise,” Dr. Hildo Lamb was quoted in the MSN article. Dr.Lamb is the study’s senior author at the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands.

Having measures to maintain ones health especially if diagnosed with diabetes can be challenging. But with these simple news releases, one can find less effortful ways to enjoy life more. It’s always good to research on the best ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This in turn can lead to better privileges and services like in life insurance or other financial securities as can be seen from aviva.

If you want to learn more about proper exercises for diabetics, the American Academy of Family Physicians can help you out. also provides helpful articles.

About the Author: Sarah Wilson is the writer of this article. She is a public health educator who works with families to develop workable plans to help manage diabetes and other chronic medical conditions.

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