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There are different ant species throughout the world and it will take patience and sufficient research in order to determine the type of ants you are dealing with on your own. The most common ant species is the black ant otherwise known as garden ant that can invade houses in many parts of the country. They can be easily identified by their worker ants that have a dark brown to black body color measuring about 5mm in length. Their queen ant is often seen during the summer months and she can be distinguished by her brown body color that measures about 15mm in length. Though many prefer to control ants on their own, others find it a wise decision to seek professional help. Nevertheless, it is always to your benefit that you are aware how to control ants by using eco-friendly treatments.

How You Can Identify Ant Infestation

There are three ways of identifying an ant infestation in your home. These are

  1. When you find ants crawling about on work tops or countertops, including floors or walls
  2. When there are sightings of ants in cupboards, pantries and other food storages
  3. Ants and signs of their homes are found at entrances to your house and even in the garden or yard

ant Eco Friendly Ways To Get Rid Of Ants

The Necessity Of Ant Control

There is a large variety of ant species and their workers will consistently invade your home to seek food and shelter. They can contaminate food and become a nuisance when they infest homes in great numbers. There is also the risk of winged ants infesting whenever the weather becomes humid and hot. Although winged ants are an annoyance especially inside buildings, they are very harmless, but there is no treatment to getting rid of them. It is essential to get rid of ants as soon as possible from a home before they cause more damage and it is also essential that they are prevented from having access to food and shelter in our homes.

How You Can Control Ants The Eco- Friendly Way

Though we all know that ants are a nuisance, we still must remember that ants are important and beneficial to the ecosystem. As such, destroying ant nests without reason, is simply unnecessary. So, if you just want ants to stop making it habit to keep visiting your home for food and shelter, then you can always use natural ways of making them stop.

Whenever ants appear in your home, you can easily remove them manually and make it a point to practice good hygiene to give them no reason to bother you in the first place. To locate where the ants hide, you can follow ants by their trails which will lead to their home. Once the entry point is determined, you can then seal the entry point with a sealant. You must also know that ants leave odor trails so that other ants can easily follow them. This is why wiping up the trail areas with warm soapy water or disinfectant can effectively eliminate the trails.

You can also use these other eco-friendly ways to keep ants away:

  • Always practice good housekeeping and never leave traces of sweet food spills
  • Food sources must be removed
  • Use turmeric powder along ant trails as an ant barrier
  • Aside from turmeric, you can also use paprika, dried peppermint and red chili pepper as an ant barrier
  • Pennyroyal, eucalyptus and citronella essential oils can be wiped on the ant trails to get rid of the scent of ants
  • Ants can not walk over talcum powder, so you can sprinkle this on access points or possible entryways
  • Boiling water combined with detergent can be used to flood ant nests
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