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There are many people out there who, in spite of years of scientific evidence, believe that diet sodas are healthy. Just try to sip on a regular coke in a business meeting. From the scolding remarks to the discouraging looks, diet soda drinkers will act like you have just lit up a cigarette. If you are one of those diet soda addicts who thinks that you are doing the right thing by cutting back on sugar, it’s time to see the light. And if you are a reluctant soda addict who can never quite put down the aluminum can, we can offer you some incentive and a few helpful options. Most diet sodas contain aspartame, a known neurotoxin that has been associated with cancer.

diet soda Easy Steps to Stop Drinking Diet Sodas

Many varieties of artificial sweeteners have displayed negative effects in controlled studies. These ingredients can also contribute to skin problems, cravings, tummy fat, and diabetes. Below are some tips to help you kick this habit for good.

Create Scarcity: Easy Steps to Stop Drinking Diet Sodas

Many diet soda addicts grab a can as soon as they walk in the door after work. If you feel tired and stressed, the beverage can temporarily boost your energy to deal with kids and housework. But if you get rid of your soda supply and do not replenish it, you will find it basically impossible to satisfy that urge. Keeping diet sodas out of reach can be a helpful tactic.

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Opt for Healthier Caffeine Sources

If you cannot get through your morning or afternoon without a diet soda, try to substitute another caffeinated beverage in small quantities to break your habit. Even coffee is a better alternative to diet sodas–provided you do not spoon them full of artificial sweeteners. Opt for healthful beverages, like green tea, to get a little burst of caffeine without the damaging consequences to your body.

Drink Water: Replacing diet soda with water

Replacing diet soda with water is not only healthier–it’s cheaper. Water will quench your thirst and cut down on the sluggishness or headaches that might be prompting your need for diet beverages. If you are feeling dull or like a headache is coming on, try a glass of water instead of a diet soda. You may actually be suffering from mild dehydration.

Go Natural

If you are so convinced that diet soda is a healthier option, consider that fact that it is made with harsh, toxic chemicals. If you want to satisfy a beverage craving in a healthy way, go for something that at least comes from nature. Low-sugar juices, smoothies, or, better yet, milk, all offer natural, filling ways to quench your thirst and get some nutrients into your system. Milk, even chocolate milk, is actually better for you than diet sodas because of its protein and calcium content, and it satiates hunger, which will help you stop snacking. If you are looking for ways to start a more natural diet and leave diet sodas behind, check out the 17 day diet. This new way of eating (and drinking) will leave you feeling more energized and less likely to pull back the tab of a harmful diet drink.

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