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Plaque is the sticky, colorless film of bacteria that is constantly forming on teeth.  This bacteria is especially fond of carbohydrate-type foods such as sugars, breads, soft drinks and milk, to name a few.  When plaque is allowed to accumulate, it will build up and release acids that damage teeth.   Given enough time, plaque can turn into a hard substance, called ‘tarter’ which can  cause infections and even a breakdown of the bone-mass supporting the teeth!

Plaque teeth bacteria Dont Let The Plaque Come Back! Take care of your teeth

The good news is that between dental visits, anyone can utilize inexpensive and surprisingly effective, every-day products which have the power to reduce plaque build-up!  The information, here, just may surprise you!

Plaque-Busters, Extradinaire!

1.  Say ‘Cheese!’ :

Believe it or not, eating about 5 grams of cheese before meals, actually, eliminates the acid production of plaque.  A dental-study research group from the University of Iowa maintains this claim.

2.  Reduce Plaque with Aloe Vera Gel:

A little dab’ll do ya–cleaning with just a small amount on your toothbrush is a great way to heal infected gums and reduce plaque build-up.

3.  Simple Baking Soda?

Wetting your toothbrush and generously coating it with this amazing, dollar-a-box product can actually neutralize acidic bacterial waste; it can clean your teeth with its mild abrasiveness, and it can deodorize your mouth—all in one shot!  Keeping an open box  in your refrigerator will keep it smelling fresh, too.

4.  Dentyne Gum:

Since brushing and flossing are challenging throughout the day, a quick, effective substitute involves chewing a stick of sugarless Dentyn for 20 minutes.  The chewing action causes one’s mouth to involuntarily produce increased saliva which, actually, neutralizes the acid in the plaque.

5.  Tea, Anyone?

Black tea, is the key!  Researchers at Washington University of St. Louis, Missouri discovered this tea’s inhibiting influence on bacteria’s ability to cause plaque.  In addition to overpowering bacteria, it acts as a natural flouride.  Enjoy!

6.  Hydrogen Peroxide:

Mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide with water.  Use as a gargle for thirty seconds, taking care not to swallow.  This astounding germ fighter will zap bacterial growth.

7.  Listerine:

Use this specific mouthwash to prevent gingivitis and reduce plaque accumulation.  Listerine has been clinically proven to live up to its reputation.

8. Reduce Plaque with Chewing Celery?

Eighty percent of all cavities occur between teeth and inside grooves where the toothbrush can’t reach.  Chewing celery actually loosens hidden food debri in tight places, and helps saliva to neutralize acid!

Here’s an interesting experiment—how about finding any plaque that might be sticking to your teeth, right now?  Here’s what you can do: Combine 3-4 drops of red food coloring with a few tablespoons of water.  Swish in mouth for about ten seconds and spit out.  Any red areas on teeth would indicate the presence of plaque.  You may be surprised at how much you might see! At this point, most people feel a strong desire to do a whole lot of brushing!

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