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Life and limb are both something each one of us has been blessed with. There are some among us however, due to unfortunate circumstances fall short on possessing the limbs that a full able bodied person would have. Life can throw us a curve ball when we least expect it, and the only rational thing we can do is strike back! Prosthetics in today’s modern age has evolved greatly from being a mere replacement to aiding in imitating all the featured of the lost limb right down to the movement of every finger and toe. Here are some aspects to understanding prosthetics.

prosthetics Discover How Modern Medicine Can Help You Walk Again

Categories of prosthetics

Not everyone has the same category of physical disability; hence the range of prosthetics is also not limited to one or two aspects. Some might have a certain amount of muscle movement in the limb while others none. Prosthetics covers a large range that includes artificial limbs and components that are made to resemble the real thing. And with modern design and technology does not pose to be such an impossible feat.  Although prosthetics are available over the counter in default shapes and sizes, custom makes are the more popular option. Experienced professionals in the field design and produce artificial limbs that fit right into where your arm, leg or hand should have been.  With modern technology, these categories are only getting more integrated leaving individuals with a sense of restoration that was previously being denied to them.

Modern marvels

Elements that were only dreamed of in the yester year have found their way out of the history books and into modern society. Back in the day, if someone said you could have a new arm that looks and feels like a real arm you would have been deemed the village idiot. Prosthetics is one field where science and technology have combined to give back to people what was taken from them.  Artificial limbs have are now fitted with chips and electronic mechanisms that allow individuals to mimic body movements with surreal perfection. A person who never thought he could walk again is now able to run with dexterity and flexibility derived from his artificial component. With the use of complex electronic microchips, people are able control the limb movements just like an able bodied person would.

Customized requirements

The great thing about prosthetics is that they can be catered to suit individual needs. Medical experts and doctors understand that disabilities vary from person to person. What might be a perfect fit for one could be an ill fit for the other. It is due to this fact that custom made limbs are developed for different cases. The options include transtibial – below the knee, transfemoral- above the knee, transradial- below the elbow and transhumeral- above the elbow. These are the broad margin of categories; smaller bodily components can also be constructed depending upon individual requirements.

Prosthetics provides disabled people with a choice to have a new lease at life, one where they discard their handicap and face the day feeling a sense of restoration and ability to gain what is rightfully theirs!

About Author : This article is submitted by Harry Cooper, a healthcare professional. He covers wide variety of health topics like weight loss, cancer, use of prosthetics and skin care in his articles. He feels exercising, balanced diet and peaceful sleep is all a person needs to be healthy.
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