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Stress does not bring out the best in you. Too much stress can affect your productivity at work and, worse, it can start to have an impact on your personal relationships too.

What would you rather do? Continue working under stressful conditions until you finally succumb to the pressure and snap…..or, would you rather take a break to relax and let your mind breathe before you can give life your best once again? Remarkably some of us still have trouble with that decision sometimes!

Unwinding is easy

If you make time for unwinding it is easy. Scheduling some time to yourself once you’re back from work or after completing a stressful project is healthy practice – and it should be standard practice.

Whether you have the time for it or not, unwinding is something everybody needs to do. A little ‘me time’ is what we all need sometimes to be able to cope with life’s little (and large) pressures. While man has made life easier in many ways with the advancement of technology, he has also made it difficult to take time away from it all and rest. However, we all need that break from time to time; to hit that pause button on our systems before moving onto the next task.

The many different ways to unwind

Different people have different ways to unwind. While an avid reader may find peace hidden behind a gripping novel all weekend, an enthusiastic hiker may prefer a day or two of rock-climbing. While some would enjoy those few extra hours of undisturbed sleep, others may love to party with their friends till dawn.

So, how do you unwind?

Take a vacation

Going on holiday is one of everyone’s favourite ways to unwind. Have you received a promotion at work or completed an important project successfully? It’s time to celebrate and reward your efforts with a relaxing break. An adventure hike, a wildlife tour, holidaying on your favourite island or sipping your favourite drink by the beach may entice you. Vacations make everyone feel like life’s worth living.

When’s your next vacation?

take vacation Different Ways To Unwind

Disconnect yourself from the world

Turn off your mobile phone, pull the plug out the television, leave the newspapers on your doorstep and mute the radio. Now prepare a hot bubble bath and soak for at least an hour with a glass of wine in hand. Relaxation at its finest!


Have a massage

As your mind unwinds, let your body relax too! Feel the built-up stress leave your body and dissolve into thin air as you surrender to the pleasures of a soothing massage.


Catch up with friends

Friends can help to bring back the fun, freedom and frivolity of life. Use the weekends to catch up with your friends over lunch or dinner and you’ll feel the burden lighten.

Unwinding with a hot beverage

With the time constraints we face and the fast paced lives we lead today, unwinding has become a thing of the past. But surely you can find 15 minutes in the whole day to sit back and relax with your favourite cuppa?

The aroma of a strong cup of coffee is warm, invigorating and pleasant. It evokes every precious memory involving that perfect blend. As you sip on your favourite beverage and bask in its splendid aroma, let your mind relax and unwind with ease. Did you know the smell of coffee is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels?

Additionally a steaming hot cup of tea not only helps to protect you from certain diseases, it also helps you relax after a tiring day. A refreshing cup of tea can energize you at the end of a tiring day and reduce your stress levels to help you sleep better.

Activities involving a cup of tea or coffee, such as catching up with friends, going out on a date or even just watching the rain pour down outside your window can also take the stress out of daily life and help you unwind. So make sure you take some time to chill out today!

About Author : Richard Woods is a teaholic and writer for KLIX. Richard believes the best way to unwind after a day at work is a nice cup of tea!
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