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Today there are so many risks associated with ephedrine, a supplement used in fat-burning. However, not many know ephedrine is just a small grain of sand in a desert. There are so many dark and deep secrets people have no clue about in bodybuilding and fitness.

Gym rats, athletes and bodybuilders are taking these chemical risks in addition to adopting a number of training habits they think will help enhance their results and performance. The irony is that these habits are clearly detrimental to their wellness and health, in some cases very fatal. Some of these dangerous habits are laid out here to shed as much light as possible on them.

Lack of Stretching

Firstly, stretching has been left out in most gym and bodybuilding workouts. It is very dangerous since lack of stretching prior and after exercise routines will lead to serious injuries, including muscle tears. Bodybuilders forget that essential stretching steps have a lot of benefits such as prevention of injury, keeping the body agile and loose, reducing stress, enhancing posture and performance while increasing the motion range. Stretch for around ten minutes before engaging in any bodybuilding activity and briefly in between all weightlifting sets.

Under Eating

Another dangerous habit engaged in bodybuilding is under-eating. Athletes do not realize training on empty stomach is detrimental to their efforts. They think by eating less, more fat is burned. The logic fueling them is that the body utilizes fat reserves in the workouts in case there is nothing to burn.They forget their bodies use carbohydrates as the major energy source in training. In turn, under-eating hinders their performance as they work on empty tummies leading to serious side effects in their bodies such as fainting, dizziness and bodily jitters caused by low-blood sugar. Rather, consume a small meal easy to digest, thirty minutes to an hour before engaging in bodybuilding exercises. The meal can be composed of pasta, rice, bread from whole-grain, vegetables and other complex carbohydrates.

Bad Form

Bad form is another dangerous habit in bodybuilding. In weightlifting for instance, bad form is expressly very lethal. If a movement is executed too fast or such as equipments as bench press weights are released too fast towards the sternum, perhaps popping them up fast to the initial position, rupturing your ligaments and tendons could take place as they will be soaking up the entire pressure. Also, such practices as gaining momentum with the lower back while lifting weights is very harmful. Instead, ensure you have appropriate form by asking the gym instructor or your trainer to critically observe you as you engage in the workouts. Those who have no idea about the way certain exercises are performed should consider a number of sessions with a seasoned bodybuilder or a personal trainer.

Supplement Intake

Another blunder budding bodybuilders make is substituting their meals with supplements. While supplements might give one an important edge and needed nutrition, they should never replace real food. The diet has to be planned around normal solid meals with supplements used in covering up any slack in between the solid foods.

Most importantly, if you lose the big bodybuilding picture you will engage in dangerous bodybuilding habits that should be avoided. Whether your motivation is low and you are on a plateau, you can only beat that by training smarter and trying much harder. The bodybuilding rewards you seek will definitely come.

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