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Corset is a garment used by women to shape torso or the waist into their desired shape.  Things that may be achieved by corsets are emphasis of the waits, curvy figure exaggeration of the bust and hips. And lately corsets made a comeback. And these comebacks had had inspired lots of women to achieved that (nearly impossible for some) 22-inched waists.

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If not achieved, the word to be used is demand, chose, wanted. Yes, because many wouldn’t be wearing corsets but would have wanted the waists that corsets had inspired.

And how can that be? The pressure has been on cosmetic procedures, liposuction, shaping, sculpturing. A corset inspired body, can be achievable in a surgery right? But everything about that thinking is unhealthy.

Why Corset Inspired Waist Seems Like Over the Bridge

It isn’t strange that many cosmetic clinics will receive these requests, but often some clinics may tend to decline that. That would be because 1) it may pose threat to your health, 2) small waists aren’t achieved in a single operation, and 3) cosmetic procedures are meant to improve and not to be abused.

But I am not saying that requests like this are abusive, it’s the thought that “give me that” attitude may drive cosmetic clinics out of business.

Little Bit Bad Ideas..

Cosmetic surgery and procedures like liposuction, sculpting, should be done or performed to compliment a person and not to have it because your favorite celebrity has undergone it.

It’s a wrong perception among women and men too. For example, in noses, you don’t march up right through a clinic and say I wantJennifer Aniston’s nose or I’d love Angelina Jolie’s mouth. Wrong. For cosmetic surgeries to advance, it should be personal. It should be for yourself. It should match your body structure, the shape of your face and balance with your face.

It’s the same with corset ideas. You don’t march in to a clinic demanding a 22 inched waist, a big bust and an exaggerated behind. Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against corset fans, but cosmetic surgery patients should know the difference.

Why You Should Embrace Your Shape and Just Improve

There are different body types. The banana shaped the apple, the pear and the hourglass or however some may try to categorize it. You are perfect in those shapes. Shaping and sculpting to your original body type is the healthiest possible options.

A little nip and tuck may do the job; show off your original figure. Do not pattern self to pictures or to televisions, you will get frustrated.

When Women Psychologically Accepts Who they are

..then they are on their best way possible to self acceptance. We are always struggling with this aspect of life. But emotionally, women tend to look for more. But not getting it later may lead to frustration. So, it isn’t only the body size and the body image that should be in talk here, a heart and mind is also needed.

Everybody isn’t perfect. Women should realize that. Accepting that sometimes we may need help in achieving looks we wanted is good enough. But it should be acceptance coupled with understanding.

What You Should Do Instead

Okay, so it’s clear that obsessing over that cinched waist when you are totally and really gorgeous and voluptuous on your own isn’t healthy. There are things and mind conditioning that you should do to ease your mind. Here they are:

  1. Have that liposuction and get over it.
  2. From now on, eat healthy and exercise daily.
  3. Hydrate well.
  4. Think and develop mantra that you are beautiful in the state that you are now. Recite it every day.
  5. You don’t need that corset inspired waist to be happy. So smile.

Everything in moderation is perfect already. You don’t need a celebrity’s nose and a dead countess’ waist to look good yourself. By now I guess you should have figured it out. It isn’t that hard to believe and know that you can be accepted by being who you are.

So, it’s a wrap ladies, get on in your feet, forget Catherine of Medici, just be who you are and you’re on your way to perfect happiness.

About the author: Roselen is a blogger of everything about beauty and health.She is now involved in research and writing reviews about cosmetic surgery clinics in Australia.


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