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Eating disorders are often linked to excessive exercise. When a person has a mental disorder that causes them to obsess about their weight, thinking that they are never thin or beautiful, great lengths will be taken in order to improve the self-perception of the person. However, these disorders leave them feeling dissatisfied no matter what is done in order to help improve their self esteem.

eating and exercise disorder Compulsive Exercise Disorder

Eating disorders like anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa are often linked to over-exercise, excessive, but did you know that compulsive exercise alone is considered to be an eating disorder?
Most people exercise in order to lose weight or to get the improve your body, but compulsive exercisers will push themselves beyond all healthy limits.

The official term for this diagnosis is anorexia athletica. Those affected may display some or all of the following symptoms:

  • Setting extremely high exercise goals, and stopping at nothing to accomplish them.
  • Obsessing about weight, strength, and diet goals.
  • Does not work out for fun, but strictly to push their body to the limits
  • After finishing a workout, time isn’t taken to enjoy the accomplishment. The next workout is already being planned out.
  • Justifies behavior by believing that they are in a special class of athletes.
  • School, work, relationships, and any other activities in their lives suffer because less time is spent on them.

Exercising constantly can be just as dangerous as food restriction. It can cause some major problems with bodily function. If your body fat percentage drops too low, (under 15% for women, 5% for men), it can cause a hormone imbalance which could lead to infertility. Injuries can disable a person who has pushed themselves too hard for their exercise routine. Dehydration and fatigue are common problems that can cause ….. Arthritis, osteoporosis, and heart problems are just a few other things that can easily affect you if your body is being overworked by too much exercise.

Anything can be a bad thing if you get too much of it. Addiction is a hard habit to break, and in many cases it is like a disease. While daily exercise is a good thing, if you get too much of it, and it takes control of your life, then you may find yourself in trouble. Moderation in all things is a good mantra to live by.

If you or anyone that you know is suffering from any type of addiction problem, including eating disorders or excessive exercise, please seek professional treatment.

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