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Nowadays, it’s okay to go nuts for coconuts. With its versatility to be consumed or applied topically, coconut offers health benefits and results that redefine the meaning of organic. After all, what’s more organic than a fruit that can be converted into water and oil? Here is a closer look at the perks and life-changing aspects of coconut:

coconut Coconut: The Life Changer

Coconut Water

Coconut water is extracted from young coconuts, but it can always be found at your local grocery or health food store. It serves a multitude of purposes and, depending on your lifestyle, it can easily replace your normal go-to beverages.

Work-Outs: Referred to as “Mother Nature’s sports drink,” coconut water is a natural detox and hydrating drink. Coconut water is filled with potassium, sugars, and electrolytes but has fewer calories and less sodium than traditional sports drinks. Next time you reach for a sports drink at the grocery store, think again and pick coconut water!

Vacations:You can also try bringing a bottle of coconut water along on long trips or vacations. It will help you stay hydrated, energized, and just feeling better overall. With its nutty flavoring, coconut water might just be your family’s new favorite go-to drink. (Plus, with its cleansing properties and its ability to settle your stomach, it might come in handy during your vacation post-party hangovers.)

Illness: Coconut water can treat a variety of symptoms, including nausea, diarrhea, and helps cleanse the intestinal tract of harmful bodies. It can also help prevent heartburn, and even assist in breaking up kidney stones. Doctors even use coconut water for emergency blood transfusions! It doesn’t hurt to keep a supply ready in case of a new ailment; coconut water just might be the answer!

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is one of the best oils out there: it has multiple applications ranging from hair, skin, and other beauty applications to culinary uses, such as cooking and baking.

Hair:Coconut oil is a great natural hair conditioner that can be used either as a leave-on hair treatment or a hair mask. Combined with lemon juice or simply used on its own, coconut oil will revitalize and moisturize sun-damaged or color-treated hair.

Skin:During harsh heat or frigid cold temperatures, skin can get dry and dull, leaving you feeling uncomfortable. Apply coconut oil to your arms and legs in order to seal in moisture and provide your skin with a healthy glow. Coconut oil can also be used in homemade soap or added to moisturizing body wash. Avoid applying it onto your face because it can clog pores and cause breakouts.

After waxing treatments such as a naked Brazilian?wax, try putting some coconut oil on any irritated areas in order to soothe and relax waxed skin.

Baking: Coconut oil works as the perfect substitute for butter, shortening, or vegetable oil. Although still high in saturated fats, coconut oil’s already sugary taste is a way to reduce added sugar in baked goods, such as cakes, cookies, and even breads.

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