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What is Chromotherapy?

827635368 chromotherapy healing colors Chromotherapy And Walk In Tubs: The Best Of Both WorldsChromotherapy is a healing modality that utilizes the visible portion of the light spectrum (the part of light that we can see) to aid in the treatment of various forms of disease. In other words, Chromotherapy is based on the use of colors to promote healing. The practice of using light (color) to heal is probably as old as humanity itself. Even as far back as in the time of the pyramids, ancient cultures used colors to promote wellness.


In addition, certain colors are associated with the power centers of the body. These areas are known as chakras. Each chakra has a designated color. Furthermore, colors are known to enhance certain moods too. Most people know that blues and greens promote a feeling of restfulness and relaxation, but it definitely goes much further than that.

The Healing Properties of Different Colors

Over time, different colors have been found to promote different kinds of healing. For instance, reds are associated with warmth and blood circulation. The root chakra, which is red is located at the base of the spine and is known to increase stability, physical energy while proving to be grounding for an individual. Surrounding yourself with the color can help if feeling tired or depressed. It also helps with things like back pain, low blood pressure, poor circulation and bladder infections.

Orange is related to the health of the lungs and can help with repressed feelings. Orange promotes things such as creativity, productivity and optimism. It helps with emotions and offers health benefits to help with spasms, cramps, skin problems, kidney issues and allergies.

Yellow, which is associated with the nervous system, is good for depression, anxiety and feelings of nervousness. I guess it makes perfect sense for why yellow is often referred to as a “happy” color. Surround yourself with yellow if looking to increase creativity, humor and fun!

Blue is associated with cooling and can reduce inflammation. Blue is the throat Chakra so if suffering from a sore throat or some type of head hold, blue will prove superior for healing power. The color blue can also increase calmness, sooth and promote relaxation for it eases exhaustion and hyperactivity.

Green, which is the heart Chakra is associated with overall balance for it supports things such as love, communication acceptance. Green can also work to eliminate negativity and tension and calm a person’s nerves.

Chromotherapy Coupled with Hydrotherapy

Color therapy can become even more effective when it is coupled with hydrotherapy (water therapy). The natural soothing and beneficial properties of water make it an excellent partner for chromotherapy. Many people however, have problems that make it difficult for them to get into and out of a tub, which means they may be missing out on the great benefits of this type of gentle treatment.

Chromotherapy in Walk in Bath Tubs

Walk in bath tubs provide the perfect solution. Walk in bathtubs can be a wonderful and secure alternative to traditional tubs. A walk in tub can provide the freedom to live independently while ensuring the safety that people with mobility issues require. Walk in baths are easy to use and can have added features such as air massage and whirlpool.

When the bathing experience is combined with the appropriate colors, the experience becomes more than just a relaxing full immersion bath; it becomes a healing therapy station where it is easy to relax, recoup and enjoy all the benefits of two of the basic building blocks of life: water and light. What could be simpler or better?

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