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Gastric bypass surgery is a lifelong commitment that requires much consideration and lifestyle changes. Even after overcoming the hurdle of surgery and recovery, the sense of empowerment that comes with this procedure can often whittle away under the weight of poor self-esteem.

img Gastric Bypass Surgery ID 558 300x255 Celebrities Who Underwent Gastric Bypass SurgeryFor that reason, gastric bypass has as much to do with the responsibility of caring for your physical well-being as your mental well-being. And a large part of that deals with doing away with any sense that by undergoing surgery you have somehow taken the easy the way out.

Your new body should represent a newfound confidence in life and a new outlook on yourself as an individual. So don’t let yourself be bogged down by people’s astonishment when they learn you’ve undergone gastric bypass. Their curiosity is not a sign of disapproval.

Further, do not let yourself believe that the challenges you are currently facing are somehow insurmountable, because frankly you’ve joined the ranks of many celebrities who have also taken the road to good health. The following celebrities have their own personal and powerful stories surrounding bariatric surgery.

Randy Jackson

This famous American Idol judge underwent gastric bypass in the midst of his career after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in 2003. Since his surgery, he’s lost over 115 pounds and now looks much more like the man we once knew him for: slapping the bass for Journey and Mariah Carey. In addition to giving singing advice to the stars of tomorrow, the new Randy Jackson now speaks on adopting a lifestyle that keeps you looking and feeling good: “I realized a lot of things that can happen if you don’t manage [your weight], which is why I encourage everyone to do so,” he said.

Al Roker

Arguably the most famous weather reporter on television, Roker underwent bariatric surgery in 2002. Before surgery, his knees were beginning to fail him, and with a diet of Krispy Kreme donuts and McDonalds, he wasn’t getting any smaller. Now 100 pounds slimmer, Roker has developed the confidence to hit the gym and run marathons.

These two celebrities are just a helping of the numerous celebrities who have undergone a successful lifestyle change after gastric bypass. Their stories represent individuals who have tackled the difficult challenge of building healthy habits.

Bariatric surgery should be a source of confidence and pride. Still, if you feel that you are having difficulty adapting to your new life, contact your doctor. Two common issues for patients include depression and addiction swapping.


Most post-surgery depression is caused by a difference in expectations versus reality. Being thinner will certainly improve your quality of life, but it’s not a magic pill. Put it all into perspective. Some people expect their problems to vanish just like the pounds off their bodies, but that’s simply not true. Bariatric patients must follow strict dietary guidelines. Many choose to eat bariatric food specifically made for GBP patients. However, now that you’ve solved what was likely your biggest obstacle, you should have the newfound confidence to work on other smaller issues.

Addiction Swapping

For most, if not all bariatric patients, food was a large part of their lives. To some, it was an addiction. When they are no longer able to eat the way they did prior to surgery, some will cope by indulging in other harmful substances or develop unhealthy habits.

No matter where you are in your post-surgery life, take pride in knowing you have overcome your biggest obstacle. Continue on the path that has been laid before you and enjoy watching as your body evolves. You’re embarking on a new chapter of your life, of course, make it a great one.

About the Author: Written by Michael Gal, a social media specialist representing Gastric Bypass Supplements, a leading retailer for bariatric vitamins and supplements.
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