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When natural skin color or tone changes, it is called skin discoloration and it is seen that the skin might turn into various colors. A pigment called melanin is found in normal skin and when melanin turns out to be too high or too low in the body, the skin discoloration happens. Below mentioned are the causes of the skin discoloration.

pale skin Causes Of Skin Dislocation

Causes of Skin Dislocation:

Disease:Often it is seen and in many a cases it is seen that the discoloration of skin takes place because of the illness. For example, anemia causes the skin to become pale whereas liver diseases causes the skin to turn out yellow and albinism causes the white skin.

Pregnancy:Hyperpigmentation takes place among the pregnant women. The pregnant women, who are dark, might get hyperpigmentation on the face. The skin gets dark and blotchy in pregnant women and often the skin comes back to its normal tone after the women give birth.

Medicine:Skin discoloration also happens due to the medicine’s side effects.The research says and the medical science also reveals that the antibiotics such as tetracycline or antimalaral drugs might cause hyperpigmentation.Click here to know about more skin diseases.

Diet:There are certain foods, which might change the color of the skin. The foods items such as parsley and lime are popular for heightening the skin sensitivity and they might cause the skin discoloration with sun exposure.

Skin Discoloration Types:

Redness:Often the skin turns up red when you suffer from illness, temperature, infection, sunburn, rashes or eczema. It is normally called a sign of an allergic rash or irritation.

Pale Skin:The skin changes into pale color when the oxyhemoglobin amount in the blood becomes low. The skin turns pale on all over the body or any specific areas such as fingers, etc.

Yellow Skin:Skin becomes yellow when you suffer from Jaundice. The disease takes place because of the liver problems. By the time you begin sensing the yellow skin color, you should go to a doctor.

Orange Skin:By the time, you consume the high intake of foods containing carotene, your skin will become orange colored.

5 Causes of Skin Condition Which Cause Skin Discoloration

Vitiligo:The skin disorder called Vitiligo is not contagious but it turns the skin have white patches on the skin. The problem happens when melanocytes are dead in the body. Melanocytes give the skin its natural color.

Scars:By the time, the skin gets injured it turns out to be inflamed. When the healing process is finished, the dark color might remain. In order to make prevention from scars to discolor the skin, you need to moisturize the injuries and stay away from the sun.

Hormone Imbalance: Because of the fluctuation of the hormones, you may develop the dark patches on your face or on the joints. This often takes place among the pregnant women.

Rosacea: This is the condition that causes the skin to start appearing flushed. The skin might start having the uneven patches all over.

Cirrhosis:Although, as per the medical science, this condition roots into the liver, it nonetheless might cause the skin to reveal the spider like blood vessels.

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