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As parents we want our children to be the best, have the best, and experience the best. Part of that is living a healthy lifestyle and keeping them active. After-school sports is a great way to keep your children active, happy, and healthy; however, just getting them there is not enough. Whether your children stay active at home or in sports, you should be making sure that you are keeping them healthy and safe with these precautions.

Active Children Caring For Active Children

Dress For Success: Caring For Active Children

You wouldn’t walk into a snowstorm in a tank top and shorts – it’s common sense. But are you aware of what your children are wearing while exercising in the heat? Try to have your children dress in loose-fitting cotton clothing to help dissipate the heat and usually less is best. Those little bodies sometimes don’t realize when they’re getting too hot!

Water! : Caring For Active Children

When children get distracted they forget to drink, so it’s important to provide enough water and remind them to drink even they protest. The best drink for activity is water; if the activity is longer than an hour then a sports drink is a good alternative. It’s a good idea to steer clear of sodas, even before activity, because they play a helping hand in dehydration. And other beverages like juices, flavored drinks, and sports drinks provide unnecessary sugar and calories; your best option is water.


Kids Are What They Eat

Can you picture your child running around looking like a hamburger? Children really are what they eat and guess who’s in control of that – you are. So, even if your children don’t exercise, take a active role in their diet and make sure that they are getting foods that will give them energy rather than bog them down. If they don’t like fruit, try making a smoothie; if veggies are their hang-up, hide them in sauces. Whatever you do, make sure that they are getting the nutrients and foods that they need so they can maintain that active and healthy lifestyle. A great resource for what your children should be eating is

Don’t Forget Rest

Children need their sleep and should be getting at least 8 hours each night. Studies show that those who get less than 8 hours of sleep are usually heavier than those who get enough rest, and it correlates with the amount of sleep they lack. It gives them energy, improves their mood, and you’ll see the results in the classroom as well!

If you want the best for your children, take these steps to ensure that they are being healthy and safe. However, your example will speak louder than what you say.

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