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When it comes to working out there are two goals in mind: losing weight and gaining muscle. Some people enjoy working out but most want to see results and feel healthier and look great. A workout comes in many forms; from walking to running and weightlifting to swimming.
Workout preference depends on the person and most people have their favorite method of exercise. A common debate in the category of working out is which is better, cardio or strength training? Both have their strengths and below we will compare the two options.

Cardio is any form of exercise that amps up your heart rate. Running is the most common form of cardio but you can also get a cardio workout from an exercise class, spinning, elliptical and so much more! Cardio allows your heart rate to increase which makes you burn calories. Burning calories allows you to lose weight, so it’s a win/win situation.

When comparing calorie burning numbers of cardio to strength training, cardio wins every time. You will burn at least two to four calories per minute with cardio which means you will lose weight faster than with strength training alone.

Strength Training
Strength training is a type of workout that involves lifting weights. With strength training you take a program and use free weights or machine weights to begin to build additional muscle. Strength training allows you to speed up your metabolism and with the continuation of this type of workout, you will be able to burn calories long after you stop lifting for the day, but you will not burn as many as you would with cardio.

The edge that strength training has over cardio is the metabolic increase. As your body recovers from the muscle workout, you will be able to burn additional calories. You can also burn more calories with the more muscle you have as the muscles require energy to remain shapely.

Comparing the Two
Both Strength training and cardio provide different benefits but they also provide similar benefits. It has been proven that cardio can provide a stress relief for those who practice a workout on a regular basis. Strength training is also a stress reliever for many even though this has not been scientifically proven.

Strength training has been proven to provide a reduced risk of injury, especially athletes. Strengthening the muscles allows for a bounce-back ability as well as stronger fight against potential injury. With cardio, regular workouts for an extended period of time can lead to serious injury or issues with ligaments, muscles, joints or tendons.

Overall Achievement
Both cardio and strength training may offer different benefits but one factor they have in common is that you will look better and feel better after working out. No matter which option you choose, you will find that your body will benefit as you become leaner and in better physical shape. Your mental stability will also improve as you will be able to feel emotionally better about yourself and what you have accomplished.
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