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Traditional Shisha (known also as Hookah) contains real tobacco, but E-Shisha does not, giving them a huge health advantage. Real Hookah involves smoking flavoured tobacco using an extravagant pipe, often containing water, whereas electronic shisha comes in the shape of a stick or pen.

E-Shisha Sticks have no tobacco in them, instead using e-liquid to produce a smoke-like vapour that is just harmless water. The presence of this water vapour allows a user to inhale and exhale in the same way as with Hookah but it’s just an illusion and no real smoke is present. Despite the illusion, the sensation given by E-Shisha Pens is so real that their popularity has exploded in just a few years, with people throughout the world enjoying them on a regular basis. Another option for smoking electronically is e-cigarettes, however e-shisha pens generally taste better making them more desirable!

Traditional Hookah (Shisha)

Hookah originated in the Middle East and soon spread to other countries, but it isn’t as widespread as E-Shisha Pens because of the health concerns it carries. Normal Shisha involves smoking tobacco and everyone knows how deadly that can be. Since Shisha pipes use large quantities of flavoured tobacco it is believed to be a lot worse for one’s health than normal cigarettes.

traditional hookah Can Smoking Shisha Electronically Alleviate The Health Concerns Of Traditional Shisha?

On the contrary though, E-Shisha Sticks don’t contain any tobacco and are therefore free of dangerous additives and cancer-causing elements. Lots of people would like to smoke regular Shisha but the health concerns are far too great to warrant it, fortunately, electronic shisha offers a practical alternative.

E-Shisha Pens & E-Shisha Sticks

E-Shisha Pens quickly became a popular Hookah alternative for a few reasons, being more portable and cheaper. However, the massive factor that appealed to so many users is the health benefits E-Shisha Pens have over traditional shisha. The lack of tobacco is the biggest asset E-Shisha Sticks have over pipe Hookah, but that also means they can be used indoors since there is no smoke being produced. Being able to use E-Shisha Pens everywhere is a big bonus for both smokers and non-smokers and it simply can’t be done when using real Hookah.

E-Shisha Pens come in a variety of shapes and sizes but they are all easy to carry around and most will last for several hours, giving plenty of artificial smoke. They are said to be better than e-cigarettes in the amount of smoke-vapour they produce and the battery tends to last longer. However, E-Shisha Pens tend to be for those who enjoy producing large quantities of vapour, rather than as a smoking alternative, as with e cigs. Electronic Shisha can come with refillable cartridges in the same was as e-cigarettes, but primarily they will be disposable. The choice is up to the individual and it will depend on how often people want to use their E-Shisha Pens. Some like to enjoy them only occasionally so a disposable version is preferred, while others use them regularly so it’s logical to use a refillable version. They lack of tobacco is reason enough for people to use E-Shisha over traditional Hookah, with too many health benefits to name.

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    This is spot on, I love my eshisha , I have a rechargeable ‘pen’ with like 25 different flavours. Ive also got a fantastic usb rechargeable Eshihsa cigar which provides way more vapour and flavour than the smaller pens. Its brilliant to be able to sit indoors puffing away with no ligering smell or bad health consequences. Anyone considering trying nicotine free eshisha I say go for it, the brand I recommend is ‘Eshisha club’ excellent customer service, good prices and loads of product/flavour variety.

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