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Detoxify Your Body – Fresh fruit and vegetable juices are an excellent source of easily assimilated nutrients and alkalizing minerals and can enhance the detoxification pathways. It’s important to eat every two to three hours to keep your blood sugar levels normal. The major benefit of this detox methods is that you can do this on your own without professional supervision. Of course, if you are under a doctor’s care or taking medication of any kind, you’ll need to let your physician know of your plans. The first few days may require mental and physical adjustments to your new regimen, but most people feel a sense of general well-being. You may notice that many of your outstanding symptoms have disappeared or become less aggravated.

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Metabolic Cleansing To Detoxify Your Body

Metabolic cleansing is a gentle yet deep method of detoxification.The foundation of this program is a hypoallergenic-sensitive, rice-based protein and nutrient drink that is designed specifically for liver detoxification. The first week, you consume only the drink and all you want of rice, all fruits except citrus, all vegetables except nightshade-family foods, and small amounts of oils.

Citrus fruits are excluded because many people are sensitive to them. Nightshade vegetables—potatoes, tomatoes, eggplant, green peppers, and chili peppers—are excluded because 10 to 15 percent of people with joint pain become pain-free when these vegetables are removed from the diet. If you know that you are sensitive to bananas, melons, or other foods that are allowed on the plan, then avoid them as well. It is possible for people to continue their normal daily routine while on this program.

To Detoxify Your Body with Vitamin C Flush

Vitamin C has been well researched for its ability to help detoxify bacterial toxins, drugs, environmental toxins, and heavy metals from our bodies. Its gentle and potent detoxification counteracts and neutralizes the harmful effects of manufactured poisons.

High levels of vitamin C help detoxify the body, rebalance intestinal flora, and strengthen the immune system. The vitamin C flush can be used between metabolic cleansing therapies or at the first sign of a cold or infection. If your immune system is weak or you’ve been exposed to a lot of toxins, you may want to do a vitamin C flush once a week for a month or two. On days when you are not doing a vitamin C flush, take a minimum of 2,000 to 3,000 milligrams. Humans are one of the only animals that do not produce their own vitamin C, so we need to replen- ish our supply daily.

To do a vitamin C flush, you take vitamin C to the level of tissue saturation. You’ll know you’ve reached it because you will have watery diarrhea. You’ll need to purchase powdered mineral ascorbate C, which is more easily tolerated by most people because it doesn’t change your pH balance.

Low-Temperature Saunas and Steams

Low-temperature saunas or steam baths are useful to eliminate fat-soluble chemicals from our systems. They are commonly used to help detoxify those who have had high exposure to pesticides, solvents, pharmaceutical drugs, and petrochemicals. Slow, steady sweat encourages the release of fat-soluble toxins through the skin from their storage sites in our tissues. Most saunas and steam baths are set at temperatures too high to accomplish this, so be sure the dry sauna is set between 110 and 120° Fahrenheit and the steam-bath is at 110° Fahrenheit so you can stay in for at least forty-five minutes without getting too hot or chilled. It is best to spend thirty to sixty minutes in a sauna or steam at least three to five times a week. Releasing toxins cannot be accomplished with higher heat or shorter amounts of time. The object is to sweat slowly and steadily.After you are done sweating, you must shower immediately afterward using a glycerin-based soap such as Neutrogena. It will wash away the toxins and keep you from reabsorbing them.

If you have extreme toxicity from environmental chemicals, you’ll need to detoxify your body under the supervision of a physician. The temporary release of toxins into your circulation can be quite severe and debilitating.

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