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Do you want to look youthful and glowing for as long as you live? You don’t have to undergo expensive dermatological treatments or purchase synthetic formulas that will only have you wind up with more harm than good. If you want a safe and natural way to reclaim years of aging, then here are several exercises that can make you look some years younger than you really are.

tighten the skin Best Exercises to Make You Look Young Forever

For A Supple, Younger-looking Face
With age come wrinkles, crow’s feet, and saggy skin. However, there are exercises that can make your face look profoundly younger. Facial exercises work by tightening loose muscles and smoothening existing wrinkles. They’re very easy to perform, and you only need to devote 5 to 10 minutes of your time to complete a round or two.

For A Beefed Up Upper Body
A strong upper body can make you look young and full of life. By performing exercises that target this part of the body, you can tighten the skin that may have already sagged because of aging. With taut skin and chiseled muscles, you can slash off several years from your look.

If you want to have a beautiful upper body, then you need to perform exercises like bicep curls, concentration curls, push-ups, overhead presses and chest presses. Whenever you’re in the gym, work on the rowing machine to develop your upper body strength.

For A Chiseled Core
So what if you can’t wear a midriff top or a bikini anymore? Working on your core is not about looking good, it’s about doing something that can make you look and feel younger.

For one, a toned stomach makes you look youthful. It sets you leagues apart from big-bellied individuals your age. Secondly, a healthy core can influence your posture and balance. By working on your midsection, you don’t have to work with the familiar “old man” stride.

There are also core exercises that you can do: crunches, sit ups and side bends. The medicine and exercise balls are great tools to help you strengthen and tone your stomach muscles. And you don’t need to go to the gym to use this stuff, as you can just buy them and use them right at your own home.

For Stronger Muscles
In a study conducted by experts from Tel Aviv University, results showed that certain exercises stimulate stem cell production in the muscles. These stem cells have numerous health benefits. One of its foremost advantages is that stem cells can make you look fresh and young.

For better, stronger muscles and a more youthful look, what you need to do is to engage in 30 to 45 minutes of moderate intensity cardio exercises (biking, swimming or cross training) for at least five times a week.

While exercise is best known to help you lose weight and improve your well-being, it does also make you look several years younger. You don’t have to head out to the fountain of youth. Just make it a point to perform these rejuvenating exercises daily, and you’re sure to look young forever!

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