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If you’re a strong and beautiful woman, that’s great. If you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and decided to pursue chemotherapy, be prepared for your strength to be tested. This exhausting treatment can leave you wondering if you can ever be strong or beautiful again—if you let it. Maintaining your beautiful appearance will not only help you keep a positive outlook on life, but also inspire hope in others who are going through chemotherapy as well.


Your smile is a powerful asset, and you’ll want to keep it in check. Get your cleaning and whitening done before your treatments, though; you’ll tend to get mouth sores that will make beauty treatments more painful.

smile Beautiful with Cancer: How to Fight Your Battle and Be Yourself


You will most likely lose your hair, but it’s no big deal. You can invest in a saga invisible part wig to blend your hair and style into your new style. Take advantage of the beauty opportunity, and experiment with different colors and styles of hair.


Your skin will feel dry, and your face will at times appear pale and gaunt. A bronzer or blush will bring back your liveliness, and a good moisturizer and lip balm with help keep your skin vibrant. The good news is chemotherapy takes a lot of toxins out of the skin; by thetime you’re done, your skin will feel brand new!


If you put forth the effort to look your best every day, you’ll feel better as a result. Wear clothes that help you feel beautiful and sexy, but make sure they’re comfortable. Especially on treatment days, your wardrobe should represent your beauty and style and also help you feel secure.


Cancer and treatment will take a toll on your body in many ways, and the best way to fight this is through a wholesome and healthy diet. Eat foods rich in vitamins, especially those that will help boost your immune system. Cabbage is a good cancer-fighter to include whenever you can. When you’re feeling nauseous, ginger is a great go-to food. Also, make sure to drink plenty of water, and green tea for the antioxidants. Make sure your fuel matches the level of quality that you’d like to look and feel.


There are going to be many days where you will feel significantly less than your best, but exercise will help. If you were not active before treatment, you’ll need to start slowly. Start with moderate activities such as yoga, walking and swimming. Work to build up intensity over time, and it will make a huge difference on your physical health and your self-esteem.


This is absolutely essential for looking and feeling beautiful. Anyone who has battled and won over cancer will tell you that they owe much of their survival to their own motivation to survive. And, anyone who has battled and won over low self-esteem will tell you that they owe their self-respect and love to their being able to feel and recognize their own beauty every day, every moment. Where your mind is at during this process will make or break you, and will help make even the painful moments bearable.

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