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For anyone that has ever wished their eye lashes were longer and full of volume, skincare researchers have found an incredible solution. Revolutionary skincare studies have produced the perfect product for anyone who longs to bat their lashes with confidence. Cleverly named Latisse, this product’s purpose is to enhance eye lashes, and the product itself is not complicated at all!

beauty Bat Those Lashes With Latisse!

Latisse is an FDA-approved medication that is used to treat inadequate eyelashes. It is actually a form of the eye drop called bimatoprost, which is used for patients with glaucoma. With regular application, Latisse has been proven to encourage lash growth for longer, fuller, and darker lashes in clinical studies. Latisse is a drug that cannot be purchased within a pharmacy like other cosmetics; a prescription must be written from a doctor. A supply of 60 applicators costs around $120, which will last for about a month.
How It Works
Like the hair on the head, eyelashes grow and eventually fall out naturally. Latisse impacts the growth in order to increase the number and length of the hairs that grow. Before application, the face must be completely free of makeup and contact lenses should be taken out properly. Latisse is then applied onto the upper lash line every night with an applicator. It is never applied to the lower lash; instead it will automatically spread there when the person blinks.
The applicator must be discarded after each use to avoid any serious eye infections or allergic reactions. Latisse users must be careful applying the product because it can promote hair growth in other unexpected skin areas. After two months of using the drug each night, the individual will begin to see the results. The lashes do not grow overnight and do take time to reach the intended results. After three or four months, the doctor will typically decrease the number of treatments to every two days. However, if Latisse is no longer applied, the lashes will go back to their previous state.
Potential Side Effects
According to the clinical studies that led to the FDA approval, Latisse is safe for the majority of people. However, individuals with eye conditions, such as conjunctivitis or uveitis, are recommended to not use the product. Those with macular edema, allergies, or skin infections surrounding the eye should avoid it too. Pregnant and nursing mothers are not allowed to use the medication either.
Most people have no problems if Latisse accidentally enters the eye. However, some experience side effects, including dry eyes and eyelid skin darkening. Eye redness and itchiness are the most common side effects that can occur from the product. Permanent brown pigmentation of the iris is another possible effect that could upset certain individuals.
Despite some possible side effects, the medication is relatively safe for use and is increasing in popularity. Celebrities such as Jenny McCarthy, Mandy Moore, Christina Hendricks, Brooke Shields, and Claire Danes have been outspoken about using Latisse. The trend is hitting Hollywood and spreading to the public, who is overlooking the price and enjoying longer lashes.

About Author : Peter Wendt is a writer and researcher based in Austin, Texas. His wife recently used the product Latisse and he encouraged her and his readers to learn more about this product.
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