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Summer is here, and for millions of people that means taking vacations, playing sports, relaxing on the beach, and otherwise enjoying the beautiful warm weather. Unfortunately, all these activities can also mean a greater risk of injury. Not many people would think that would be an issue, but people are more active during the summer, and a greater level of activity can easily translate into more injuries.

Like most injuries, getting hurt in the summer can easily be avoided. All it takes is a little common sense and preparedness, and you should be just fine. Here are a few things to keep in mind that should help you avoid some of the more common summer injuries.

Car Accidents

While car accidents are a serious problem during the winter months thanks to all the ice and snow, they can also be a problem during the summer due to the number of people driving more often. As with any other time of the year, most accident-related injuries can be avoided if you wear your seatbelt, avoid using cell phones and other distractions, use age-appropriate car seats for children and never drive under the influence of alcohol. Since there will most likely be more cars on the road, remember to drive more defensively.


Swimming is a popular activity in warm weather. Outdoor swimming pools and beaches will both see heavy use as the weather heats up, and anybody who spends any amount of time at these places should make sure that they stay safe. If you have your own swimming pool, keep it surrounded by a four-sided fence with self-locking gates. Always supervise small children, and wear a lifejacket if you go out on a boat.


Outdoor sports are also very popular during the summer, and they carry their own injury risks. Minors should always be supervised whenever they play, and organized teams should have medical professionals who can treat injuries on hand at events. Traumatic brain injuries are particularly troublesome when it comes to sports, so anybody who is involved in any kind of contact sport should watch closely for them.


Depending on where you live, potentially dangerous fireworks such as bottle rockets and firecrackers may be illegal. However, even the allegedly “safe” fireworks can still cause severe burns for people who are too careless. If you want to enjoy fireworks with your children, take them to see a professional fireworks display. These are always more impressive than what you can set off in your backyard, and they will be a lot safer. If you want to use your own fireworks, always tell children to stay away from any fireworks that are lit, and never let them use any fireworks without supervision. As always, read the instructions and warnings on fireworks carefully before you use them. Most firework-related injuries could be avoided if people used common sense.


Bicycles see a lot more use in the summer, and as always it’s important to stay safe when riding a bike. Always use a bike helmet to avoid head injuries resulting from falls or crashes, keep reflectors on your bike so that it can be easily seen, and wear bright clothes to improve your own visibility. Never allow children to ride their bikes late at night.

As summer approaches, guest author Bill Ferguson understands the importance of staying healthy. He recently visited Prime Urgent Care to handle his latest summer injury.

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