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The World Health Organization has linked Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) to birth defects. Therefore, it has been suggested that pregnant women avoid prolonged cell phone usage, and exposure to other EMR sources inside the home such as microwaves and the like.

It has been found that due to the smaller brain, thinner skull, more rapidly dividing cells and softer brain tissue, children are at a higher risk of damage from cell phone use than adults. This also suggests that babies in a mother’s womb would be placed at the same, or greater risk than older children, as they are considered the most vulnerable of all humans.

In fact, there is a new study that sheds a great deal of light onto the impact that chronic cell phone use has on a fetal animal brain, and the effects have shown to be clearly harmful.

Cell phone usage during pregnancy causes “certain harm” to fetal brains in rats

83748 cell phone radiation pregnancy 300x212 Avoiding Electromagnetic Radiation During PregnancyOne new study in Electromagnetic Biology and Medicine, written by Jing and others, wanted to assess the magnitude of oxidative stress and the different levels of neurotransmitters in the fetal rat brains that were repeatedly exposed to cell phone radiation.

Therefore, they studied four groups of pregnant rats. Each group was exposed to various levels of radiation, with one group being subjected to none. The other three groups were exposed to it three times per day for 10, 30 or 60 minutes each time. After three weeks had passed, they examined the fetal rats for any brain changes.

What they found was that the irradiated groups showed great differences neurologically. In fact, the researchers noted that the radiation was harmful to the fetal rat brains, at any level.

So, should pregnant women avoid cell phone usage?

Though it will still be some time before the results of this study are publicized and further explored, but it does present good evidence to believe that cell phones can have a significant, negative impact on a developing fetus. A different study that was conducted in 2008 determined that after studying 13,000 children, the children exposed to cell phone radiation in the womb were more likely to develop behavioral problems. It showed that children were 54 percent more likely to suffer from behavioral issues such as emotional problems, hyperactivity, issues with conduct and even difficulties relating to peers.

However, some women cannot avoid cell phone usage during pregnancy, so what can you do? The best thing to do if you cannot avoid it is to look into one of several, recent products hitting the market that are aimed at breaking down the harmful radiation released by your electronic devices. There are several products currently available, with one being created by American Aires Inc. Their product is called The Aires Shield, and this device works to neutralize the radiation present in electromagnetic waves. This product is used with your normal, everyday devices , and works to decompose the oscillations of all types of electronic fields into less harmful components. In other words, you simply put this device on your cell phone and then you don’t have to worry about the radiation affecting you or your unborn child.

Experts in the UK are calling for health warnings regarding children and cell phones

A recently released UK study that was published by Mobilewise, blatantly called for industry and government officials to provide advice and warnings for ways to reduce the health damage resulting from repeated mobile phone usage; in particular – they want warnings to protect children.

The report warned that children and their health were being put at risk by the failure of phone companies and the government to release the findings of just how harmful cell phone usage can be to kids and everyone else. In fact, it has been found that cell phone usage can be linked to health concerns like brain tumors, and negatively impact genes, fertility, melatonin production, the blood-brain barrier, and other effects known to play a role in developing cancer. This report was endorsed by a great deal of doctors and scientists, and it is a must-read for everyone; especially parents!

In the end, do what you can to protect yourself from the radiation released by many everyday, household products. As we continue to move into the technological age, this issue is not going away. Therefore, it is important to be aware of the risks associated with electromagnetic radiation, and find one of several new products that will help protect you and your children, both born and unborn, from the harmful affects of being exposed to it.

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About the author: Daniel Singh, a health and wellness blogger at the Local Business Review community. Daniel has years of experience in the health industry as a technitian and an researcher.


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