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It Is Best To Clear The Facts And Doubts Related To Autism:

Autism Facts : Do Vaccines Cause Autism?

In the year 1998, the hepatitis B vaccine was initiated according to a new program to vaccinate newborns. This ill-conceived and confusing plan is many times pointed at by researchers as a possible reason and cause in the occurrence of autism. There are other researchers that point to the MMR vaccine as a cause of autism. It is possible, however, that both of these may be causes of autism for different reasons.

Today, there really are no reasons for giving a child the hepatitis B vaccine, and this is backed up by many vaccine experts. Experts state that a newborns immune is undeveloped, and the immune system is unable to respond to vaccines. With this understanding it is obvious that vaccines, which are designed for the stimulation of the immune system, find nothing to stimulate. In short, if a new Morton’s immune system lacks response than a vaccination, which means to generate a response is useless; however, it is believed that there is a connection between vaccines and autism.

In many cases vaccines contain an untold number of toxins. Some of these toxins which may include Mercury are then injected into a child or infant. The toxins in the vaccines then overwhelm the infant or child’s ability to detoxify. As is the case, infants and children have undeveloped immune systems. With the introduction of vaccines a plethora of toxins children are just simply unable to shed their body of these toxins. As a result, the toxins are stored in cells throughout the body preventing the brain from properly functioning and may be a leading cause in autism.

According to the CDC’s web site vaccines often include: formaldehyde, monosodium glutamate, aluminum gels, antibiotics, sulfates, and egg proteins. All of these ingredients with the exception of antibiotics cause various or are known to cause conditions ranging from: conditions in the brain similar to Alzheimer’s disease, carcinogenic properties, seizures or brain tumors, allergic reactions, and anaphylactic reaction, which is life-threatening. While antibiotics are used every day, many individuals may be allergic to antibiotics; however, as often is the case in infants or children they are not tested for these allergic reactions.

What is most disturbing is the fact that the CDC does not bother to list the following information: at present, 13 vaccines are cultured using aborted fetal tissue, that the preservative thimerosal contains ethyl-Mercury.

Although as a parent, you may find this hard to believe, there are various other factors that are believed to play a role even with vaccines that do not contain mercury. The actual causes of autism today are still not completely known. However there is some research to back up the vaccination with mercury claims.

Recently, a researcher is said to have looked at children from the 1930s, who had developed autism. Gain his investigation. He looked at a coincidence that every child who had developed autism, had parents who had worked in an environment which they were in contact with Mercury on a daily basis. Unfortunately, Mercury is known to cause many developmental problems in humans. (Autism Facts)

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Laural is a mother and blogger who writes on autism spectrum disorders topics. She currently writes for Mommy Edition.


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