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Parents rarely pay much attention to window treatments when it comes to childproofing their homes. In fact, window treatments rarely come to mind as a home safety hazard. Unfortunately, there have been a number of media reports concerning children getting injured because of window treatments.

The one feature that poses a significant risk to children is the window cord. Window cords can be hazardous to children due to the risk that can occur when a toddler accidently becomes entangled with the sagging operating cord, or with the cords located on the backside of other window shade styles. This can lead to accidental strangulation which is one of the leading causes of child deaths.

Window Treatments Are Your Window Treatments Safe for Children?


The Threat Of Window Cords

There are some styles of traditional window treatment cords that can easily entice toddlers and children. Children may consider it as a toy that they can play with. For this reason, you must pay close attention to the danger of toddlers accidentally strangling in window cords. A child can get entangled with this hazardous cord if the toddler places his/her neck between the inner cord and the fabric located at the backside of the blind. There will also be tragic consequences when a toddler pulls the cord out and wraps it around his/her neck. Infants and toddlers do not yet understand the consequences of such actions, thus, it can lead to tragic consequences.

This type of accident is very common. Every year, entanglement by window cords causes serious dangers to children and toddlers. There have been a lot of reports regarding infant death due to window cord strangulation. Although the reported accidents have decreased due to the changes made in the industry safety standards, it is still important to be aware of such incidents. There are simple but crucial steps that you can consider to ensure the safety of your children around your window treatments.

How To Keep Your Child Safe From Your Window Treatments

Choose a safer window treatment. It is recommended to choose cordless window treatments for your home, especially if you have young children. Some of the cordless window coverings found in the market includes shutters, solar shades, and cordless cellular shades.

Childproof your existing cords. If you have existing window treatments with cords, you can simply add safety features. For instance, you can add spring assisted clutches that raise and lower the shade without the use of window cords. Another option is to use sliding panel track systems which are perfect for vertical window blinds with openings on either side. You can also use break-away tassels, cord stops, cord cleats, and so on. The cord stops are perfect for horizontal window blinds that limit how far the cords can be pulled; while the cord cleats can safely tie the cords and keep it out of the children’s reach.

Pay attention to the furniture around your windows. As a parent, you must be very careful in placing your furniture, especially in your child’s bedroom or playroom. Generally, you have to keep furniture away from the windows since this will prevent your children from getting access to window coverings. This will also minimize the risk of your children falling off the window. Additionally, putting furniture away from the window will lower the risk of getting injuries due to broken glass windows.

When childproofing your home, you must pay close attention to every corner and every feature of your home, and this includes your windows. Windows with window treatments can pose serious risks to toddlers and children; thus, you must be aware of the potential risks that can endanger your child.


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