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Img having a baby 01 252x300 Are You Ready To Have A Baby?Deciding to have a baby is one of the biggest decisions you are ever going to make in your life. It is a natural process that most women will decide to go through at some point, however ensuring that you have picked the right moment in your life is essential.

It is highly likely that you already understand that having a baby is a lifelong dedication.

Most women will choose not to have a baby until;

  • They are in a settled committed lifelong relationship
  • They are settled in a stable job/career
  • They are married
  • They own a house
  • They are financially stable

Ensuring that you are prepared in every single way can be difficult, so you should not worry if you do not feel completely prepared.

Before you get wooed by the idea of having a sweet little bundle wrapped in your arms; you should make yourself aware of the reality of the situation;


Since 2003, the cost of raising a child to the average age of 21 has increased by 58%, meaning it is going to basically cost you a fortune. Approximately, you are expected to splash out £222,458 in 21 years when you have a child, so if you are thinking about having more than one child it is essential that you are financially stable.

The biggest costs you are expected to pay for are education and childcare; this can include uniforms, after school clubs, university costs etc.

Joint Decision

If you are in a happy stable relationship, it is essential that both partners decide to have a baby. You should not choose to have a baby to save your marriage, to settle down your partner or even to live out your unfulfilled dreams.

You and your partner should both decide that a baby is the correct next step in your relationship. You should never force or trick your partner into parenthood, as this will only make your relationship more difficult and put your unborn baby in an unfair situation.


So when you go round and see your niece, all she wants to do is play, cuddle and basically look cute, however there is much more to it. Ask any parent and they will tell you difficult it is to bring up a baby, this is because of the sleepless nights, the bad behaviour, the dirty nappies, the cost of living and the complete change of lifestyle they experience.

Don’t let this idea put you off having a baby, it is just important that you know what to expect in the future and that you only choose to have a baby when you are ready and for the right decisions.

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Written by Kerry. Kerry wants a baby in the future, but after receiving advice of a women’s healthcare specialist, she has decided to put it back. She also found some fabulous advice on;


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