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When the systematic process of cell division gets hijacked by certain mutated cells which have faulty DNA, the cells do not die, but keep multiplying and create more damaged cells. Ultimately they invade other tissues, jeopardizing their normal function. This abnormal growth is called cancer.

Chemotherapy Are There Any Alternatives To Chemotherapy For Cancer Treatment?

The reason behind cancer is uncontrolled growth of cells, so the best way to stop the cancer would be to stop the growth of the cells. Chemotherapy or chemo as it is popularly known, works by stopping or slowing the growth of cancer cells. Chemo is a systemic treatment. It uses drugs which travel throughout the body via the bloodstream, to reach cancerous cells and kill them. By stopping the growth of cancer cells, chemo unfortunately also stops the growth of healthy cells. Damage to healthy cells creates massive side effects which often becomes more painful than the disease itself. In fact chemo significantly reduces the quality of life of the patient.

Dr Ralph Moss is a medical writer who has written and edited 12 books, and three film documentaries on questions relating to cancer research and treatment. He has evaluated claims of conventional and non-conventional cancer treatments and has documented the results of chemotherapy and other therapies for cancer treatment.

Dr. Moss is a strong advocate of alternatives of chemo. He claims that chemo therapy barely cures 2 percent of all cancers. It may destroy cancer cells but the side effects are devastating, and 90% of the time, cancer rebounds.

New insights into cancer treatment

Now chemotherapy is being replaced by alternative therapies. Researches have brought forward some new insights into the treatment of cancer. Many fundamental concepts are now being questioned.

It is argued that it is not helpful to treat cancer where it originates, like the breast or prostate. In fact, it is the processes that fuel the abnormal growth that should be targeted by the drugs. Now, more and more doctors are beginning to opt for genetic and molecular analyses of tumors, and decide the drug to match the specific cancer.

Molecular approach to cancer treatment

The new wonder drug called Imatinib or Gleevec is part of the molecular approach to cancer treatment. It works on proteins in the body that signals cells to divide and multiply or die.

This therapy is called targeted therapy where the target is the signaling protein that tells the errant cells how to behave.

In this approach, the drugs are aimed at specific pathways which are used by the cancerous cells to thrive. These are blocked to stop the cells from multiplying. This therapy is particular to the errant cells and normal cells are left alone. Therefore there are no or minimal side effects of these drugs.

The Chief at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center, Dr. Martin Tallman, says that we are definitely moving farther and farther away from chemotherapy, and more toward molecularly targeted therapy.

Therapies can be individualized

Vice president of Experimental therapies at Dana Faber Dr. George Demetri declares that more precise understanding of cancer has helped us move toward tailor-made therapies for individual patient.

Patients with GIST can avoid chemotherapy altogether already. More precise medications are prescribed for lung cancer patients to replace toxic chemotherapy agents. And the therapy works wonderfully.

Therapy with no side effects

Boohaker, A researcher in cancer therapies, used a peptide a protein based solution to stop the cells multiplying. It worked without killing healthy cells and hence no side effects. The cancer cells have same functions as a normal cell except the on and off switch. This protein affects the on/off switch of the cell and kills it.

Many researches are on in the field of cancer treatment which hold potential to replace chemotherapy. It is only a matter of time when all the findings will be put together and put to a workable treatment. This will help cancer patients to receive individual treatment without going through the colossal side effects of chemo.

About Author : Michelle Tyler is a medical writer who writes well-researched, in-depth cancer articles which provide relevant information to help patients combat the deadly disease. Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) has been a pioneer in providing best cancer treatment as well as follow up to patients suffering from various cancer types.
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